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Standing with Lt. Col. Terry?Lakin

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Usurper v USA

Ironic, isn?t it, when we as Americans have standing to be punished, but not enough standing to ask about our own National Security and its jeopardy under the Obama regime. So is the case of Lt. Col Terry Lakin, whose only ?crime? is that he asked that his orders be verified as legal.

In a packed military court room at the Ft. Meade complex in Maryland, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin steadfastly faced? Court Martial trial proceedings with family, friends and Patriots standing with him.? Undeterred by the weight of the charges, LTC Lakin and his attorney, Neal Puckett, deftly executed a strategy that left the government prosecutors red-eared and shaken by the magnitude of their own mistakes and inability to articulate a valid claim.

Recall that Judge Denise Lind, presiding over the Court Martial, denied LTC Lakin an opportunity for discovery and told him literally to ?get another defense?.?? This decision is in my view reversible error as the Judge offered no legal reason why Obama?s records could not be retrieved except that they would be ?embarassing?.? Based on what knowledge, and what law, Col. Lind?

And to that challenge, LTC Lakin and Attorney Puckett certainly rose to the occasion.

?Piling On

The military?s charges against LTC Lakin are two fold:

  • That LTC Lakin ?missed movement? by not reporting to Ft. Campbell for deployment to Afghanistan
  • That LTC Lakin disobeyed a number of orders.? This charge contained at least four ?elements? which appear to this author to be ?piling on? charges that carry long sentences.

Because Judge Lind denied LTC Lakin?s right to discovery and evidence, the only possible outcome for LTC Lakin on the second charge?disobeying orders?was to plead guilty.? Essentially he would lose this argument because he was denied the right to discovery, with each charge carrying a two year prison term.

Judge Lind carefully went through each of the second group charges, painstakingly asking each time whether LTC Lakin understood the ramifications of disobeying these orders.? Lakin described the anguish involved in his decision, yet accepted responsibility for his final course of action.? On balance, this discussion between the Judge and LTC Lakin revealed Lakin?s extensive efforts to alert his Chain of Command as to his concerns, and the failure of the Chain of Command to address them.? This is the reason he invited his own Court Martial?it may be one of the only ways to reveal Obama?s problems on proving his eligibility for office.

The second charge had its components ?collapsed?, and when sentenced, LTC Lakin could face a maximum of 18 months in prison.? NO SENTENCING DECISION HAS BEEN MADE.

Missing Movement

?Missing movement? is a military term of art describing the movement of troops aboard a military aircraft, a ship, or other event where unit of soldiers moves into the war theater.

To this charge, LTC Lakin pleaded ?not guilty?, and asked for a jury to hear the case.? A jury was assembled consisting of initially ten senior officers; through questioning, two were excluded.

For this charge, Lakin is accused of missing a commercial airline flight from Baltimore to Ft. Campell.? As attorney Neal Puckett pointed out, however, Lakin could have traveled to Ft Campell in any manner he chose.? Prosecution witness after witness divulged to Attorney Puckett that no one gave Lakin a direct order to take a commercial airline flight to his next duty position, as his orders allowed him to travel in any manner to Ft. Campell.

Additional injury to the government?s case was to come, as it was revealed in cross examination that the actual deployment of troops was going to occur three-four months after Lakin was called to Ft. Campbell.? Thus, LTC Lakin did not ?miss movement?

Painstakingly asking each of the six prosecution witnesses as to the schedule, timing, deployment, and general practice of deploying troops to a war theater, Attorney Puckett demolished the ?missing movement? charge.

The Government Introduces Obama?s Ineligibility

Recall that the government would rather bury LTC Lakin on a bunch of piled on charges than address the issue of Obama?s ineligibility.? In what can be termed as a little ?divine intervention? the fifth government witness actually stated the reason why LTC Lakin refused his orders?Obama?s eligibility.? You should have seen the prosecution shut that lady down right away!? ?next??? :lol:

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