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Letters To Leaders

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Congress will review Lakin case

Rep. Fred Upton

December 11, 2010

Dear Sir, I am very troubled by Obama's lack of documentation, or what is called historical foot prints.

I have a big problem when my kids have to show there long form birth certificate just to play in school and community sports. Or when they go through drivers education and for a host of other things. However this man who is now our sitting president of these United States of America has never shown his long form birth certificate now any other records concerning his life history.

In this vein there is a mockery of a military court marshal now under way in this country concerning Lt. Col. Lakin and his duty as an officer to question orders up to refusing them if he believes them to be illegal.

The following is taken fron on of the many news stories on wnd.com covering this travisty.

"It's important that he gets a fair trial, which means discovery. Since the Army will not allow that I believe in the final analysis that this will be overturned, but he may have to go to the slammer in Ft. Leavenworth."

Lakin had hoped through the discovery process to force Obama to produce documentary evidence demonstrating his birth and citizenship status so that Obama's authority to give orders as commander-in-chief would be demonstrated or dis-proven.

Court martial judge Col. Denise Lind, however, simply declared the orders received by Lakin were valid. Lind refused to allow Lakin to address the underlying eligibility issues and limited the scope of the trial to whether Lakin had knowingly disobeyed orders.

McInerney held up his own treatment by the trial judge to illustrate the unfairness of the proceedings thus far. Lind has refused to allow McInerney or any other expert witness requested by the defense to testify at Lakin's court martial. She has also refused to permit Lakin to present any evidence or arguments in his own defense that might justify his decision to disobey orders.

"The judge in this particular case said I do not know enough about the Army to be able to understand the Army's position on the Uniform Code of Military Justice," said McInerney, who added he once commanded an army division in Alaska as part of a joint Army-Air Force command.

"I am intimately familiar with the Uniform Code of Military Justice," said McInerney. "But you get a judge ... who says that I as a three-star general who had general court martial authority do not know enough about the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Dr. Terry Lakin is not going to get a fair trial in this particular proceeding."

McInerney was asked by the defense to testify about when a soldier is trained to disobey orders he believes are illegal.

I served this country for three years as an airborne ranger and I took an oath to defend our Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I was also taught to question orders and even dis-obey if I felt them to be illegal.

It is my sincere hope that this congress will restore some faith to there bosses, we citizens, by doing there sworn duty to see that our Constitution is upheld in this matter and that Lt. Col. Lakin gets a legal trial and not the kind they gave Jesus Christ.

Watervliet , MI

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