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Supreme Court Denies Kerchner vs Obama.

Uses WikiLeaks Drama as The Perfect Distraction ?

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I think it is safe to say that today was the perfect day for the Supreme Court to dump Obama Eligibility case,? Kerchner vs Obama. The media is in high gear over the WikiLeaks File dump, but this case that was masterfully put together by Mario Apuzzo and Commander Kerchner will not see the light of day in the media due to the intense blackout on the Obama eligibility issue. I have never seen such panic in my life of observing politics over one issue that was supposedly settled ON THE INTERNET LOL. You have to laugh...

I predicted this case would be denied or dismissed last week on my radio show and it has nothing to do with Commander Kerchner not having standing or the case. It has to do with the corruption in our legal system to protect the liars that put a Usurper into office. Clarence Thomas admitted on video "we are avoiding that issue", while joking about eligibility. I am glad that the elitist traitors are getting a good chuckle over the biggest violation of the U.S. Constitution ever.

Commander Kerchner went this far and he had to go all of the way, he is a patriot.

This will go under the radar thanks to the other collaborators at Fox News, because they really are the ones that should be reporting this, but they are not. The American sheep have to obey Glenn Beck's blackboard, after all Beck insists that Obama was born in Hawaii, even though Obama's grandmother seems to disagree with him. How dare I question the great Glenn Beck with boldness...

So, what is next for this issue? Like I said, the only hope is for states to adopt eligibility statutes individually to require all presidential candidates to PROVE that they are eligible to be president. Also, another big blow was that the natural born citizen definition controversy will continue thanks to the cowardice and treason of the Supreme Court.

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