Lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010

Supreme Court?COWARDS

?2010 drkate

The time has arrived, Patriots.? Our entire system has been corrupted, and the cowardice of the Supreme Court has been fully exposed.? There is no legal reason why the Kerchner Petition was denied, obviously the Supremes were unable to come up with a single reason why they denied cert.

They couldn?t come up with a reason?except ?politics??and that wouldn?t look very Supreme Court like, now would it?

We know that Kerchner and Apuzzo are right on the law?not one argument put up by Obama?s team went to the merits of the case.? And they argued that we don?t have standing, as the American people?they urged the court to ignore the law, the constitution, history, and the people it is supposed to serve.

This lack of response to the merits means that Kerchner proved Obama is ineligible.

There is no more conspiracy?it is true, the United States government was overthrown in 2008. And the Supreme Court has now effectively stated that anyone can be president in our country, to heck with Article II or any aspect of the constitution.

We must acknowledge that God does have a plan; that this defeat is part of it.? He has placed in our way even more challenges?would the removal of Obama have placated our souls so that we would do no more work for our Country?? Would we go ?back to our lives??

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.? Remember, the danger for LTC Terry Lakin is now immensely greater.? And our national security is at great risk.

I?ve got lots more to say, and plans are already hatching.? To those obots and obamathugs watching this blog, you won?t know of these plans until they hit you.

Courage and the Constitution:? this is our clarion call.? All your life has prepared you for this moment.

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