Lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010

I just received an email from Victoria Windsor. The Supreme Court has denied Apuzzo?s Writ for Certiorari ? they gave NO explanation whatsoever.

This tells me the Supreme Court is a now complicit in the cover-up of Obama?s eligibility.

Right before Thanksgiving I received an email from a person who claimed to Clerk for Judge Thomas. I didn?t know the person so I was hoping it was a crank email. Turns out the person was telling the truth.

He said, ?the Supreme Court would announce on Monday and give no explanation.? He further said, ?most of the clerks at the Supreme Court were liberal and were laughing at Apuzzo and the Case.? You know that Apuzzo and Kerchner have spent in excess of a $million dollars on this case.

This tells you we have a VERY, VERY SICK Government. ALL 3 BRANCHES ARE COMPLICIT in the COVER-UP.

I have said from the start, the States and the People NEED to take control. We are never going to get the Federal Government (EVER) to do the right thing. They ALL fear for their jobs or they are all so corrupt they flat don?t give a damn.

This is disgusting. Everyone, including most Congress Members and Supreme Court Justices know that Obama is dirty.

Sorry folks ? you get the kind of Government that you vote into Office. We have many people in this Country that are just fine with corruption and evil running the Government as long as they get their pay check or piece of the tax pie.

It will not change unless the States and the People stop it!



  • Don says:

    George Soros. Nuff said.

  • 29, 2010 at 10:54 am
  • Sarah says:

    Sad day for justice in this country. I wish I would?ve believed the guy that said he was a scotus clerk, I was so excited and anxious waiting all weekend for the news. I could?ve relaxed if I knew the decision was already made by Friday. Dumb me.

  • Tabasco says:

    I am in a state of shock.

    I hope to hear more today on the situation.

    In Argentina the Supreme Court and the all the politicians abandoned the people as the Banksters took over the country and all its wealth leaving the people to starve to death in the streets. Watch the video. It takes time but I watched the entire video all 12 parts of it. it is shocking that America is in the same boat. here is the start Part 1. ARGENTINA?S ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.

    It is important to watch because it is exactly the same thing happening here in America as happened in Argentina. We are now going into our economic collapse. This is titled ARGENTINA?S ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.

    Notice how the politicians run to clean up the mess and then immediately switch sides once elected.

    We need a true reformer like Palin more than ever. Phony reformers will only sell us down the drain. Watch the movie. It is all true story on how the Banksters took over Argentina. And since it worked they will keep repeating the same thing until they own the world.

    The Federal Reserve with the interest on all money is the root cause of our problem. That video I gave here before. that is the one on THE SECRET OF OZ. But the video on Argentina supports the same view. The problem in society is the BANKSTERS.

  • ledbythnose says:

    Larry was right on the money the other day about this travesty. I hate to have to admit it Folks but the fix is in and there will be no investigation nor will there be any trial of this issue on a Federal level period. Bob and many others have worked tirelessly over the last 2+ years trying to bring this thing to a head and sadly to no avail. Soetoro will not be brought down by the eligibility issue period.We can now only hope that Mr.Issa will bring Impeachment charges against this Marxist Regime.It makes my blood boil that the American People can no longer depend on Government for Constitutional standing. If no charges are brought against Soetoro and his minions after January then I think we know what must happen at that point.The Second Amendment was designed by the Founders for exactly this situation and it will be up to EVERY American Citizen to use WHATEVER MEANS NECCESSARY to remove,arrest and prosecute these Traitors, and I mean right down to the local Civil level. Bottom line is be prepared for REVOLUTION! Long live the Republic and may we have the resolve to reclaim it for posterity sake so help us God!

  • Larry says:

    WELL, NOW, SCOTUS has announced that our Nation in NOW a ?Land OF NO LAWS!!?
    IF they have Refused to accept the Articles of the Constitution, the have in ESSENCE declared the Constitution of the United States of America a NON-BINDING, NULLIFIED Document and have NULLIFIED ALL OF GOVERNMENT!! As of this MOMENT, We are WITHOUT LAW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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