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More on Obama?s records: the problem is not in lack of evidence?

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Now Obama?s cronies are coming with a new story, claiming that there

was a typo in his application for his Social Security number. They are

saying that he has a CT Social security number because of a typo. ?It is

hard to believe that there was a typo, but even if you were to give him

and his supporter?s a benefit of a doubt, ?that does not explain:

1.? 1890 birthdate in multiple databases, which is associated with this

Social Security number?

2.? his unwillingness to present his original birth certificate, which shows guilty mind, it shows he has something to hide.

3. multiple SS numbers in different databases

4. his name Soebarkah in his mother?s passport

5. redactions in his stepfather?s immigration records

6. fraudulent statement ?on his bar application

7. his Indonesian school registration?under the name ?Soetoro

8. his unwillingness to provide his university records

9 the fact that he used a different Social Security number, while

serving in Senate and so much more.

If you look at the picture in totality, you will find too many

inconsistencies, which cannot be explained by one typo. The only

reasonable explanation to this total picture is massive fraud and

treason, for which he needs to be criminally prosecuted after he is

removed from office.?

The problem is not in lack of evidence in building a case against

Barack Hussein Obama. The problem is in lack of integrity of some

people, who are entrusted by their Oath of Office to review this

evidence. We had a massive failure of all the safeguards, protecting us

as citizens against such fraud. It is up to you to continue demanding

from your elected officials and law enforcement?at each level to act.

They need to act now and hold everyone involved accountable?.

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