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U.S. Congressional Candidate Kesha Rogers: Remove Obama by invoking the 25th Amendment



by Sharon Rondeau


Kesha Rogers (D) is running for U.S. Congress in the 22nd District of Texas against incumbent Pete Olson (R)

(Oct. 31, 2010) ? The Post & Email recently interviewed Kesha Rogers, Democrat candidate for U.S. Congress from Texas?s 22nd District, who released a statement on her website calling for the immediate removal of Barack Hussein? Obama from office via Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Kesha has since posted a new video? entitled ?Invoke the 25th Amendment Before the Election? in which she reiterates her position, stating that ?There is no chance of saving the nation unless this happens.?? She has asked that Congress meet this weekend, before the election, to vote to remove Obama.

Ms. Rogers is affiliated with Lyndon LaRouche, who on October 26 reportedly issued a warning that ?Either we get Barack Obama out of office now, or the United States and the rest of the world will soon plunge into a state of ungovernability.?

Here she shares why she stands by her statement about Obama?s removal as well as her views on other constitutional issues which the country is currently facing.

MRS. RONDEAU: Recently you stated on your website that you felt that the 25th Amendment should be invoked and that Obama should be removed from office.? What precipitated your making that bold statement?

MS. ROGERS: First of all, every single day, we see complete and total mental breakdown of this president, and every single day we see that the president is not competent to deal with the crisis at hand and has no solutions.? When I first started my campaign, I said, ?This president must go; we must call for his immediate impeachment.?? As time has gone by, we?ve seen that he has a failed personality which can be identified as a narcissistic, ?Nero?-type personality.? Lyndon LaRouche, whom I work for, agrees with this assessment.

If you look at what has happened throughout this administration, especially with the breakdown and the fleeing of several of his top officials, advisers and top military officials, you have to say that there is nothing but a complete and utter, devastating breakdown and that the president is not competent to complete his term in office.? This is what our Constitution actually provides for:? in the 25th Amendment, Section 4, it says that if you have a president who is mentally or physically incompetent to carry out his duties, then the Congress, the Vice President and others can actually submit a letter of request for removing the president from office.

I believe that that is exactly the place we?re at right now because what you have to look at, in the midst of having an insane president who is continuing to back up the interests of his British puppetmasters, you also have the fact that the entire financial system is disintegrating.? It is bankrupt, and we have provided clear solutions to this crisis.? The only solution that is going to solve this economic collapse is getting Obama out now with the 25th Amendment, going with the Glass-Steagall banking reorganization and putting forth a real economic solution to the crisis.

MRS. RONDEAU: I read that on your website.? Do you feel that it took a lot of courage on your part to come out and make this statement about a member of your own political party?

MS. ROGERS: Absolutely; it takes guts and it takes courage.? It also takes true patriotism because we have to realize that the fight we?re waging is not about party; rather, it?s about defending the nation, acting as a true patriot to the nation, and not being aligned with ?party? but rather, with principles.? Right now, you have both parties which are refusing to tell the truth: that the whole system is bankrupt; that you have a president who is a failed personality and is providing no solutions but rather, running the country deeper and deeper in the gutter.? So it takes a lot of guts and courage, and it takes the courage that most members of Congress on both sides do not have.

MRS. RONDEAU: The nation has been watching this situation unfold for almost two years now, and it?s astounding to many that nothing has been done by any member of either party.? Why do you think no one is calling for an investigation into Obama?s competency?

MS. ROGERS: I think the real thing we have to look at is the question of tragedy, and that?s what we?re dealing with right now.? It requires an understanding of the fact that a tragic society actually encompasses tragic leadership.? That?s what we?ve seen.? We?ve seen the breakdown and degeneracy in our culture, and you have a leadership that represents the same type of gutless quality of failing to fight and defend the truth and real principle.? This is the way I try to address people in terms of their role as citizens in this Republic:? when you go to see a play written by Shakespeare or Aeschylus ? any of these great dramatists ? you don?t go and see it because you want entertainment.? You go and see it because it?s supposed to give you a reflection of the type of society you?re living in and what you?re going to do about it.

This is the problem we have with our leadership:? it is cowardly, like Hamlet. It?s gutless.? People don?t have that sense of history?look at the Congress right now.? The reason why they?re not doing what other patriotic leaders did such as President John F. Kennedy, Lincoln or Roosevelt, who understood the real fight that we were up against, which has been a British empire and their destruction, all the way back to the American Revolution and George Washington, is that they fail to draw on history.? So you have this go-along-to-get-along, let?s-play-the-political-game, let?s-make-a-deal-under-the-table mentality.? Unfortunately, this is the mentality that the population has accepted.? They won?t go against it.

My campaign has not only provided the solutions economically and politically but has also said, ?We have to have a complete and utter transformation of the culture; we have to get the population to stop thinking of itself as underlings and to actually demand real leadership.? That?s what a republic is; it?s not sitting around, waiting to see what?s going to happen after you go to press the button at the voting booth.? It?s demanding that real solutions are put forward, and the real solution has to be that our president is incompetent and is a puppet of the British empire, and he has to go.? We have to invoke the 25th Amendment to do so, and anyone who isn?t calling for that is not fit to run for office.

MRS. RONDEAU: I?m sure you?ve heard about the controversy about whether or not Obama is even eligible to serve per the eligibility requirements set forth in the U.S. Constitution.? What do you think about the eligibility question, and how can it be answered?

MS. ROGERS: I can tell you that my thoughts are that he?s not an American citizen because he?s a traitor to the nation, not because of his paperwork and whether or not it says he has a birth certificate.? I would say that he?s more in line with being a citizen of the British empire than an American citizen, because being an American citizen means that he?s actually going to stand up and fight for the Constitution and defend it.? I won?t go as far as saying whether or not Obama should be impeached because we can find some birth certificate in Hawaii or not, or whether or not he should be in Kenya, but I think there are many more principles and psychological examples as to why he should be out and is not fit to deem himself as a true patriot and citizen of this nation.

MRS. RONDEAU: Why do you use the term ?British empire??

MS. ROGERS: We?re talking about the monetary interests that actually take financial institutions over governments and nation-states, and that?s what I mean by ?British empire.?? When you think about the British empire, you think about today, the Inter-Alpha Group of financiers of banks that controls close to 70% of the world?s financial earnings.? The Inter-Alpha group was started by Jacob Rothschild back in the 1970s.? The British empire, as we know historically, has been the empire that we fought against in the American Revolution.? I believe that empire still exists.? It exists as a fat financial conglomerate today which controls nations, and that?s what we?re fighting against:? how you get? nations to be sovereign and productive and not held under the thumb of financial interests.

MRS. RONDEAU: Does that tie into what some people call the ?New World Order?? Is that part of the conglomerate?

MS. ROGERS: I?ve heard the term.? I would say that it?s an expression of it; when people speak about ?New World Order? or ?one-world government,? it would be an expression of it, but I would say it goes a step further.? You have to look at it historically; this was the same banking and financial interest of unscrupulous money-changers, if you will, which President Franklin Roosevelt went after.? This is the same financial interest and oligarchical interest that President Lincoln opposed and went after.? Throughout the course of history, it?s been an interest that has been against sovereign-nation states and in favor of financial corporate cartels.

MRS. RONDEAU: What are your thoughts on the health care legislation that was passed?

MS. ROGERS: Simple.? It?s fascist.? The health care legislation, first and foremost, should be repealed. It is a health care policy modeled on a cost-effective basis and what was termed during the Nazi 1939 Hitler regime as ?unworthy of life.?? The health care policy essentially says that we?re going to put a price tag on human life.? In 1946, you had Nazi doctors and others tried at Nuremberg for this very same policy that Obama is pushing.? The problem is that no one, neither Republican nor Democrat, has the guts to say that.? They will say, ?I oppose it,? or ?I?m for it,? but they don?t have the guts to say that it?s a fascist policy and it?s a policy that is a cost-effective, put-a-price-tag-on-human-life policy where you would have independent boards making the decision of whether or not people should receive certain care based on whether or not their life is worth saving.

The solution that I put forth is that in the HMO system, in the profits of all the insurance companies and so forth, we can go back to what?s called a Hill-Burton standard where you actually have so many doctors, so many hospitals, and so many nurses.? You actually have the infrastructure and every hospital system focusing on the need to value life before profit, and that?s what this HMO system doesn?t do.? That?s why it has to be stopped immediately.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you feel that government should have a hand in health care, or is there some other way it should be reformed?

MS. ROGERS: With the Hill-Burton system, you would have government health care policy which would be single-payer.? Yes, government has to take responsibility for the lives of the population, and it has to come before, above and beyond putting the financial interests or the profits of financiers first, such as bailing out Wall Street.? So we would not bail our Wall Street and say that we?re going to put a price tag on human life.

MRS. RONDEAU: On your website, you had mentioned a ?classical education? including the arts, sciences, and literature.? Do you feel that the education our children are receiving in this country today is substandard?

MS. ROGERS: It?s absolutely not what it should be.? Our education system doesn?t actually pivot around or thrive on the conception of the creative powers of the human mind.? You have an education system that, since the introduction of the counter-culture in the 1960s, the assassination of President Kennedy, the drug, sex, and rock-and-roll counter-culture, hasn?t been focused on real creative output.? Most of our education is standardized testing; it?s not actually taking our children through a rediscovery of a scientific or classical artistic process.? That?s what?s missing, because you have to have classical art and science and real physical geometry as the basis of your education system. We have to return to that.? We?ve gone into this trajectory of a real physical economic breakdown where true education is not the basis of our school systems.

MRS. RONDEAU: What do you think our children are being taught today, if not a good basic education?

MS. ROGERS: They?re being taught how to pass a test.? The teachers are being taught how not to teach the students and guide them through a discovery, but how to go through a test mechanism and how to get schools credit based on how many people they can get through a test.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you think the teachers? unions have had anything to do with the downhill slide in education?

MS. ROGERS: I don?t think that they?ve had the power that they need.? I would say that the teachers are our greatest tools for developing the minds of our students.? The problem is that they are just not given the opportunity to do so.? You look at this Obama education policy:? it?s says, ?Race to the Top.?? It?s more like schools which don?t comply with what he puts forward for education are going to have teachers who will be laid off; you?re going to have schools denied funding and principals who are actually fired.? We?ve seen a lot of this.? So teachers? unions don?t have the power, and they don?t have the backing of our government, because we have a president who is out to destroy the country with these policies, and he?s not looking out for the interests of our teachers and various other social services workers.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you think that a competent president could empower teachers more?

MS. ROGERS: Well, absolutely, and our school systems would be able to do that, also, by demanding an education for our students where teachers are given the tools they need to actually teach and not be put under the thumb or the pressure of having to be more concerned about whether or not they?re going to get certain funding.? We can change that, and a real president and a real Congress would recognize it.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you think more money needs to be spent on education, less, or about the same as what is spent now?? Should it be more localized?

MS. ROGERS: More money on education.? I think that our education system should be an infrastructure project that should be a part of what our government funds in terms of how you look at the real production in society.? How do you look at wealth in society?? People determine wealth in our economy by gross domestic product and all of these various financial instruments, but the first thing in determining wealth in society should be the creative progress of your society by your education system.? So we should have education for all; we should have programs whereby the government actually funds education before it bails out Wall Street.

We should have education for all college students so that they can go to trade school or four-year university, and that should be the basis of how we determine real economic growth.? It would be the same thing as how you would fund your space program. You wouldn?t fund your space program by privatizing it; you would fund it by government credit; invest in it, fully funding the space program such that you would place the emphasis on its being a revolution in science.? That?s what I represent, not taking the space program as we?ve seen with Obama and abolishing it, setting down our manned space program and allowing for private interests to come in and say that they?re going to treat our space program as some kind of billionaire?s playground.

MRS. RONDEAU: Given everything that you?ve said, is there any conflict in your mind between what you?d like to see Congress and a competent president do and what is in the U.S. Constitution?? Is there anything that authorizes? funding for a space program and education?

MS. ROGERS: Let?s refer most importantly to a very profound portion of our Constitution that people sometimes forget about, which is the Preamble written by our first Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton.? It says that ?We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence [sic], create for the general welfare, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.?

The Preamble to our Constitution actually expresses what we?re able to do, that our first priority is looking out for the interests and promoting the general welfare of every citizen of our country.? So the question is, ?What does that mean??? It?s natural law, not man-made law.? There are certain principles that may not be as vividly described or inscribed in the Constitution with, as you said, the space program, but we know that that has been a grand awakening and revolutionary change in the direction of our nation and the world.? But it was based on the principles of our Constitution that Article I, Section 8 says that the Congress has the right to print and coin currency and invest in long-term infrastructure projects.? This is what our Preamble provides for:? that we?re going to look after the interests of every citizen, of the science and physical economic progress of our nation, as Alexander Hamilton understood.? So I don?t see any conflict at all.? The problem is that people look at economics being based on a monetary solution vs. a scientific and physical economic solution, which is that you need physical scientific production, agriculture, industries, factories and so forth.? It doesn?t say that in the Constitution, but FDR knew. Lincoln knew with the Transcontinental Railway system that that?s the way you actually measure real growth and a productive economy.

MRS. RONDEAU: What, if anything, could be done about all of the jobs that have been outsourced overseas?? How can we make America productive again?

MS. ROGERS: The first step would be to get Obama out!? Secondly, we have to reinstate Glass-Steagall banking law, which was put in place by Roosevelt in 1933 and repealed in 1999, led by Phil Gramm.? It was a firewall of protection separating your commercial bank and people?s savings from speculation and investment banks.? Once we do that, then we have the ability to go in and create the credit to bail out our states that are faced with utter bankruptcy and collapse, physical economic collapse; and we would do that by creating credit for long-term infrastructure projects in these states.? Job creation programs are what I?ve called for, starting with programs such as the North American Water & Power Lines.? It?s called NAWAPA.? This was a program put forth in the 1960s by the Parsons Company out of California at the same time that President Kennedy was charting the course for going to the moon.? The program can create 5,000,000 to 6,000,000 jobs immediately with irrigation systems, canals, dams, energy-intense projects such as nuclear desalination plants, nuclear power, and so forth, and you can rebuild the physical economic structure of the nation.? We can put millions of people back to work in projects ten times greater than that which was represented under Franklin Roosevelt and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

MRS. RONDEAU: What part, if any, do you think the private sector would play in putting people back to work?

MS. ROGERS: First of all, we?re faced with hyper-inflationary collapse.? So the private sector would play an important role in actually employing people, but they do not have the constitutional authority to create the jobs and actually print the currency and the credit which is necessary to get the startup projects going.? So these projects would have to be started up by a federal government plan which would collaborate with the private sector, and you would have certain regulations so that the private sector would adhere to what would be necessary to get these projects off the ground.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you feel that a complete economic collapse is inevitable?

MS. ROGERS: It is, in the direction that we?re going, because right now we?re looking at something on the scale of what was faced in 1923 in Germany during the Weimar hyper-inflationary collapse.? If you think about what?s happening right now, trillions of dollars in bailouts to derivatives, phony assets and a banking system which is actually bankrupt, the problem is that you have a Congress that has capitulated and refused to put Glass-Steagall back on the table.? If there is not a change in direction, then the collapse is inevitable, and it will happen in a way that the Lombard & Bardi banking system of Italy during the 13th and 14th centuries which led to the Dark Ages.? That?s the history, because you have to see what happened during the collapse of these banking systems.

What happened during the collapse of the 1929 Great Depression?? It was a collapse of physical economic production, a collapse of the culture, and eventually, there was a collapse of society overall.? That?s what we?re seeing on a grand scale.? We?re seeing the highest rate of homeless and starving children ever.? Even here in the United States, we?re seeing a president who, for the first time in history, doesn?t have a cost-of-living adjustment for those on social security and says that there?s no inflation. We?re seeing the shutdown of our industries and our infrastructure, and when every state in the Union is bankrupt, we?re not waiting for an economic collapse.? I would say that the economic collapse is well under way.

MRS. RONDEAU: If you are elected to Congress, what is the first thing you will do?

MS. ROGERS: The first thing I will do is if the president is not out already, I will call for the invoking of the 25th Amendment to get him out.? Following that, I would call for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall and to investigate this criminal activity that we?ve seen going on in our banking system and probably put something forward similar to what was done under the Roosevelt administration called the Pecora Commission to investigate the financial interests that have taken our nation into this extreme condition of economic breakdown.? Then I would call for the immediate instituting of the credit take-off projects for fully funding our manned space project, NASA, and then for economic recovery projects to put millions of people back to work in productive jobs.? That has to be packaged, because there?s a lot to be done, but those are the highest priorities.

MRS. RONDEAU: Regarding the Obama eligibility question, if he were found not to have been ineligible to run for president because he didn?t meet Article II, Section 1, clause 5 requirements, what do you think should be done?

MS. ROGERS: Well, he absolutely has to go; he should be impeached if that were the case because it violates the Constitution.

MRS. RONDEAU: Would you consider that to be a crime?

MS. ROGERS: As in ?high crimes and misdemeanors??

MRS. RONDEAU: Yes.? For example, if it were proven that he perpetrated fraud because he knew he didn?t qualify because he was born in a foreign county and had a foreign national for a father, would that qualify as a crime?

MS. ROGERS: That would absolutely be constituted as a crime if that could be proven in a court of law.? I?m not an attorney, so I don?t answer things in terms of legalities, but I can say, as someone who is running for Congress, to be honest and true to our Constitution as I am, that that would be a crime, and he would have to be tried for that.

MRS. RONDEAU: Many of our readers wonder how many in the current Democrat and Republican parties, and even Independents in Congress, knew of Obama?s eligibility question before the election.? They wonder why, if Obama is not eligible to serve, he was put forward as a candidate, and what should happen to the people who knew?

MS. ROGERS: That?s a good question.? The question would be, ?Did they know?? and ?Did they actually have the courage and the guts to say anything about it??? I?m not quite sure.? If they did, though, that means that they were violating their constitutional oaths of office.

MRS. RONDEAU: Who is your opponent?

MS. ROGERS: I?m running against the incumbent, Pete Olson.

MRS. RONDEAU: How do you think he?s faring in the campaign?? Do you think people want to re-elect him, or do they want a change?

MS. ROGERS: Looking at the anti-incumbent sentiment, he has a lot to go up against.? I?ve never run for office before; this is my first time running for office, but I can say now that he?s the Republican incumbent who has not and will not call for the president?s impeachment.? He has capitulated to the president at every step. I?m in the NASA Johnson Space Center district, and going back to the counseling of the Constellation space program, underfunding of our space program, he has capitulated on everything Obama has done.? So I don?t think he?s faring too well in the population.? I do think that the problem is that Republicans are doing the same thing that Pelosi did in the Bush administration back in 2006 by saying that ?Impeachment is off the table? because the Democrats were going to ride in on the anti-Bush/Cheney sentiment, and the Republicans are doing the same thing today.? They?re saying, ?Impeachment is off the table? and we?re going to ride in on the anti-Obama, anti-Democrat sentiment.? So that?s the problem.

MRS. RONDEAU: They both seem to play the same games to the peril of the country.? What can be done about this Republican vs. Democrat paradigm?

MS. ROGERS: First and foremost, we have to go back to the system of what it is to be a true American patriot, because it?s not Democrat vs. Republican. This is not a football team with ?red team? vs. ?blue team.?? It?s about American citizens, American patriots vs. traitors.? In today?s society, either you?re a traitor to the country, a traitor to the principles of our nation, or you are a true patriot, and that?s why when we look at what the country is facing, people have to come to terms with the need for a bipartisan movement of Democrats and Republicans who are actually putting forth solutions to deal with the economic collapse.? And I?m not playing the political party game.? I represent? the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy in the Democratic Party, which you don?t have anymore.? Right now, you have Wall Street factions running both parties.? Roosevelt?s idea was that universal principles come above and beyond party.? That?s what we should be looking at.

MRS. RONDEAU: The Founding Fathers did not like political parties.

MS. ROGERS: No, they didn?t have parties.

MRS. RONDEAU: George Washington had warned about the country dissolving into ?factions? and Americans being pitted against each other.? Does it seem that that is what has happened to us?

MS. ROGERS: Absolutely.? You look at people like Lincoln and Roosevelt, one a Republican and the other a Democrat, but they both actually had the interest of the Founding Fathers in mind, and our current parties don?t.? They have the interest of the financiers and Wall Street.



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