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?2010 drkate

The absolute, imminent? danger that faces the? United States with a constitutionally ineligible person acting as President and Commander-in-Chief? can never be underestimated.?? Every other constitutional violation that exists now, while true, has no meaning and cannot be addressed, as with an ineligible President, the constitution is not in force.

The national security of the United States is cited as a major reason why the Supreme Court should grant the Petition for Writ of Certiorari filed in the Kerchner v. Obama & Congress case.? That ?national security? is now in the hands of a the ineligible Obama, a controlled puppet doing the business of others, under the usurped authority of the United States.

With Obama in office and incapable of acting independently because he is owned by his benefactors,? drugged, and psychologically impaired, his primary national security adviser Brzezinski is now unleashed to implement his the NWO vision using a formula and tools that also target the United States, discussed here and here.? Beyond ?false flag? events, these are deadly attacks in which the United States is implicated through the actions of the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

??Mumbai-Style Attacks? and the CIA

Underwear Bomber, Yemen, the USS Cole

Why did Eric Holder drop the charges against the USS Cole bombers?

Pakistan Destabilization and the new ?Axis of Evil?

The target?? China

Dismantling the ?Foreign Entanglement? Apparatus

This is a long-term and must-do enterprise, and it is essential to the preservation of liberty.? Extra-constitutional ?agencies? have been allowed to undertake attacks external and internal to the United States.

Obama has done his job in awakening all of us to this broader reality, and to our required course ahead.? Our first step is to pull yank the string of eligibility and see what who spills out of Humpty Dumpty when he falls off the wall.

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