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?2010 drkate

Documentation of the deceit through which Obama usurped the Presidency is an important task for all of posterity.? This collection of video clips will be the record of the psychological operations used against the American people by a controlled media.

Your own collection of what you consider to be seminal documents, video clips, articles, etc, is important as well!? As are all your historical finds and understandings of how our Constitution evolved and how it was attacked.

I am preparing a couple of long posts, one of which will be up today, so in the meantime, please consider this an open thread!? :smile:

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  1. 1 sk1951 Saturday, October 9, 2010, at 2:06 am

    Democratic Party of Hawaii Refused To Certify Obama

    PROOF OF DNC FRAUD by Pelosi and Osama and Congress. Make sure to read exhibits 6 and 7.

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