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JAGs protecting Obama have committed treason

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by James H. Roberson


The position of Judge Advocate General is appointed and provided for by Title 10 of the U.S. Code

(Sept. 23, 2010) ? Folks, we may be getting close to Civil War II.

Lt. Col. Lakin (M.D.- Active Army) ? first asked the Army to affirm that Obama was constitutionally eligible to serve as President, and when his chain of command refused, he then refused to deploy to Afghanistan until ?eligibility? was established (to force the issue to a head).???Lakin?s argument is simple and direct:? a soldier must not be compelled to obey an ?unlawful order?; an ?ineligible person? cannot serve as President and Commander-in-Chief and, thus, cannot issue ?lawful orders.?? He has thereby laid his liberty and whole career on the line? in order to honor his Oath to Support and Defend the Constitution (especially Article II, Section 1, Clause 5), which must not be violated!

In preparation for his court martial, scheduled for October, his defense counsel asked the Judge Advocate General (JAG) court to authorize ?discovery? of Obama?s birth records in order to prove Lakin?s innocence. Col. Lind, Presiding JAG Judge, has recently ruled that LTC Lakin can?t depose (question under oath) the Hawaiian Custodian of Birth Records, nor view any of their documents.? The judge claimed that birth records might contain ?embarrassing information? about the putative President.? The judge further ruled that it is ?irrelevant? for the military to prove that Obama is constitutionally eligible to serve as Commander-in-Chief.? She said that LTC Lakin?s deployment orders came from the Pentagon and, ?on its face,? that?s all he needs to know.? In other words, along with her Commanding General, Col. Lind has just decided that the chain of command originates at the Pentagon, and the President is NOT an integral part of? it. Both Lind and her commanding general have now violated the Constitution?s clear specification that the ?President is the Commander-in-Chief.

Col. Lind is either a disgrace to the uniform, or a coward who has just covertly handed LTC Lakin?s defense team a ?home-run? issue to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court!? A lengthy but very insightful interview with a legal military justice expert explains the background and history of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and WHY we must never give Obama an opportunity to declare ?martial law,? which is brutal and NOT civilized, constitutional law as we normally comprehend it.

So far, three generals, all retired, have offered support for Lt. Col. Lakin.? Retired Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, the highest-ranking officer yet to lend public support, has supplied an affidavit ?in support of defense request for discovery/motion to compel.?? The affidavit acknowledges widespread concerns over the putative President?s constitutional eligibility and demands that he release his birth records or the court authorize discovery.? Lakin faces trial on October 13-15.

Extracts from the affidavit include:

The President of the United States, as the Commander in Chief, is the source of all military authority. The Constitution requires the President to be a natural born citizen? in order to be eligible to hold office. If he is ineligible under the Constitution to serve in that office that creates a break in the chain of command of such magnitude that its significance can scarcely be imagined.

As a practical example from my background I recall commanding forces that were equipped with nuclear weapons. In my command capacity I was? responsible that the personnel with access to these weapons had an unwavering and absolute confidence in the unified chain of command, because such confidence was absolutely essential ? vital? in the event the use of? those weapons was authorized. I cannot overstate how imperative it is to? train such personnel to have confidence in the unified chain of command.? Today, because of the widespread and legitimate concerns that the presumed President is constitutionally ineligible to hold office, I fear what would happen should such a crisis occur today.

In refusing to obey orders because of his doubts as to their legality, LTC Lakin has acted exactly as proper training dictates. That training mandates that he determine in his own conscience that an order is legal? before obeying it?

For the foregoing reasons, it is my opinion that LTC Lakin?s request for discovery relating to the President?s birth records in Hawaii is absolutely essential to determining not merely his guilt or innocence but to reassuring all military personnel once and for all for this President > whether his service as Commander in Chief is Constitutionally proper. He is the one single person in the Chain of Command that the Constitution? demands proof of natural born citizenship. This determination is fundamental to our Republic, where civilian control over the military is the rule. According to our Constitution, the Commander in Chief must now,? in the face of serious? and widely held? concerns that he is ineligible, either voluntarily establish his eligibility by authorizing release of his? birth records or this court must authorize their discovery. The invasion of his privacy in these records is utterly trivial compared to the issues at stake here. Our military MUST have confidence their Commander in Chief? lawfully holds this office and absent which confidence grievous consequences may ensue.

The second general, Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.) was less subtle when he said:? ?We need to demand resignations of Obama, his cabinet, and members of Congress.?? He also stated that Obama is both ?incompetent? and ?ineligible.?? Further,? ?The fix is in? and ?The damages have been so great that we can?t afford to wait until the 2012 elections.?

The third General, Army Major General (Ret.) Jerry Curry, a decorated combat veteran, has issued a statement indicating that he agrees with Lakin that the (putative) President should provide proof of eligibility. Curry served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Carter administration, as Press Secretary to the Secretary of Defense for the Reagan administration, and has worked in international relations, public affairs, management, aviation, and research and? development.

Folks, I?m terribly concerned about the future of our Republic.? It is disgraceful that nearly every member of Congress knows Obama? is ineligible.???What are they afraid of?? Are they are all afraid to act for fear that this will cause more racial uprisings?? with big cities looting and burning??? as happened before, following the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rodney King events?? Or is there some other powerful force keeping them?? and major media?? silent about this matter?? When people like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O?Reilly, Neal Boortz, and Sean Hannity are all afraid to discuss the matter, there is cause for real alarm.? Even the U.S. Supreme Court is afraid to address the issue.? Justice Clarence Thomas, testifying before Congress, stated, ?We (the Supreme Court) are ?evading that issue.?? At the 1:00 min. mark of this 1:17 min video, Justice Thomas ?spills the beans??? and then tries to act as if it were a joke.

Attorney General Eric Holder (a demonstrated racist) was talking about? our fears of honestly discussing racial issues when he asserted, ?We are a nation of cowards!????He was indeed correct.???Nevertheless, as a Citizen, you do need to understand this important issue of? ?eligibility? if you don?t already.? Every patriotic citizen has a positive duty to understand the limitations imposed on our governments by the Constitution so that our liberties can be protected.

A five-minute video clearly explains why Obama is ineligible under the U.S. Constitution to be President (Article II, Section 1, Clause 5).? Please view it.? You will then understand why he is a bold Usurper.

Some Closing Thoughts

Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be? their own governors must first arm themselves with the power that knowledge imparts. ? James Madison ( ?father of the U.S. Constitution?)

Hold on to the Constitution?and the Republic for which it stands?? what has happened once in 6,000 years may never happen again.? Hold on to your Constitution. ? Daniel Webster

We must not let an audacious, clever, glib Marxist subvert it, nor diminish it.? ?Native born? (born in the land), is NOT the same as ?natural born? (both parents must be U.S. citizens at the time of birth).? Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 makes clear that the Founders recognized that there were various categories of ?Citizens.?? They decided that only? ?natural born? met the strict criterion of? undivided allegiance needed for the President.

?Remember in November.? We must settle this with ballots; otherwise, bullets may be the ultimate solution.

Please, pray for our Republic.

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