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The Sunday Advertiser August 13, 1961

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Samuel K. Haae born August 4, 1961, and died July 6, 1963



by Sharon Rondeau


The Dunhams were found in the Polk's Directory as residing in Honolulu from sometime in 1960 forward

(Aug. 21, 2010) ? In June, The Post & Email solicited funds for its Legal Defense Fund for a specific research project focusing on details and discrepancies surrounding Obama?s alleged birth in Hawaii. Many of our readers were very generous with their donations, including one who put forth a ?matching grant? challenge which was met and even surpassed. With the help of a private donor, The Post & Email was able to fund an investigative journey to Hawaii for an experienced researcher. The results of the investigation follow in the researcher?s own words........


........ RESEARCHER: Yes, I think it was just to help people out. I think it?s safe to say that I?m not the only person who has gone into the Department of Health looking for Mr. Obama?s index data.

After that, because of some information that I had obtained from another researcher, I began another leg of my investigation. There is speculation that because Mr. Obama has a certificate number that is higher than the Nordyke twins who were born on August 5, 1961 at Kapiolani Women and Children?s Hospital, yet their births were registered on August 11, 1961, three days after Mr. Obama?s was allegedly registered and that he is using the certificate number of another infant born within a certain date range and registered on August 11th which was a Friday and no later than Monday, August 14th. It depends on what time of the day the Nordyke twins? birth certificates were processed; the certificate number that Mr. Obama was allegedly assigned was likely assigned the same day as the Nordykes?.

MRS. RONDEAU: What is the relationship between the certificate number of the Nordykes and the number on the FactCheck-Obama document online?

RESEARCHER: The Nordyke twins? birth certificate numbers are either 151-1961-010636/37 or 151-1961-010638/39, because only one of the twins? birth certificates is posted online and that was the one identified with the certificate number 010638. Mr. Obama?s certificate was allegedly processed on August 8th and has the number 010641, which is no more than two or three numbers higher than the one Nordyke twin certificate number. I have confirmation from the DoH in response to UIPA requests I made last winter that the numbers were not preprinted on the form. The numbers were assigned by the Department of Health when the birth registration was accepted by the State Registrar, and only in the DoH main office located in Honolulu.

MRS. RONDEAU: So as a birth occurred and the information reached the Department of Health, a number was assigned.

RESEARCHER: Yes, and I believe that regardless of the actual birth date, they just assigned the next sequential number when the birth registration was processed. I don?t think there is necessarily any attempt on their part to order them by birth date.

MRS. RONDEAU: Is there any other information that you think our readers would like to know about?

RESEARCHER: I think that is a significant anomaly. Based on the information that?s been gathered thus far and the procedures used by the Department of Health during this time period, I just don?t think that it?s feasible that Mr. Obama?s certificate number could possibly be three or four numbers higher and accepted three days earlier than those of the Nordyke twins, which leads me to believe that that number belongs to another person and in all likelihood, it could belong to the infant or young child that was born within a certain date range whose birth was registered on August 11th that later died shortly after the birth or within a couple of years. I really can?t elaborate beyond that since there is still ongoing research to see if we can identify the person certificate number 010641 could possibly belong to. We?re trying to obtain some official HI documents that will aid in our research with the generous help of The Post & Email Legal Fund and its donors......



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