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The Left wants you to think that "You will be assimilated into the Collective," and that, "Resistance is futile."

High Noon: Brewer versus the Left

?By William R. Mann??Sunday, July 11, 2010

image?We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us.? - Star Trek: First Contact

The Left wants you to think, like the evil ?Borg? does in the old ?Star Trek? movies, that ?You will be assimilated into the Collective,? and that, ?Resistance is futile.?

It isn?t.

Governor Jan Brewer [R, AZ]

?is a brave lady. I?m certain she never thought she?d be the one to stand up against, and lead the crusade for legal sanity and common sense against collectivist ideas of the Left and the Progressive Movement.

Politics are heating up, and not in a ?fun? way. I believe that we may be cruising blithely toward major societal upheaval ... pushed for, and instigated with malice aforethought, again, by the violent Left. This is a very uncertain time. We are at a turning point. It may not ?feel? like real change yet because the Left is still trying to do this by stealth if possible. They want to present us with a fait accompli of legislation and decrees from which there is no turning back. Americans are waking up, feeling betrayed, and starting to sound off.? But this is a time for calm, cool planning and deliberate resistance to their attempts to ?fundamentally transform? the United States of America into a Collectivist State.

It is shocking to see how quickly America is accepting Socialism and Collectivism without question. What is happening, folks, is actually a revolution. I hear things and see messages from folks every day who have ?had it up to here? [eyeball level]. They are frustrated as to what is happening to our beloved America.? Even the ?Ragin? Cajun,? James Carville, claims to be dismayed. Here is my admonition: Every Leftist Revolution takes off the kid gloves eventually. Don?t fall for their smooth sophistry. Look for their instigations instead. Even now, they are looking for some excuse, for some kind of watershed, some pretense, an American ?Kristallnacht.? I know you don?t want to hear this, but look around you. Everywhere, things are incessantly being suggested, shoved and pushed at you from the Left.

Why are Unions pushing ?Card Check?? when their memberships are dropping?

This country is a tinderbox right now. Look at the article about ?Free Speech? at U of IL, Urbana on the same web-site [Gateway Pundit] after you?ve finished reading through this one. Another question: Why are Unions pushing ?Card Check?? when their memberships are dropping? What will a Union Card gain folks? What?s wrong with secret Union ballots? Ditto with Cap & Trade: Why do the Democrats need to pass all of this unpopular legislation now? That?s the part of the ?iceberg? that lies beneath the surface, that is what we should investigate. My guess is that they know that they are in big trouble and want to pass it all in case they are thrown out. They also need an extra month to lie about the intention of their legislation, call the opposition names, and resurrect ?Punching-bag Bush? before the election.

Have you ever been to a Tea Party Rally? Do you wonder, deep down, whether these Tea Party People are bad, crazy folks like the media says? I have been to a number of Tea Party Rallies. I found people mostly over 40, very many vets and retired military, and retired/former law enforcement, small business owners, and Social Security Pensioners. None I met are crazy, none are threatening looking, none are making threats. The Tea Partiers are polite and neat, they wave to folks, chat with each other, listen to their speakers, and do not get into altercations. Tea Party rules forbid that; they are a Class Act. Go to the Tea Party web-site, look at their charter and tell me why they are excoriated by the press. Next go to the contrived ?Coffee Party? web-site that the press just loves, and look at their collectivist Mission Statement. My blind old Australian Shepherd can sniff this one out, Folks.

Look to the campuses where Leftist radicals traditionally ferment and foment

So who is doing this? Who is making the noise? While we were working hard for the last 40-50 years, the Marxist Left was taking over and subverting Academia and the whole notion of intellectual inquiry. Look to the campuses where Leftist radicals traditionally ferment and foment. There is only political correctness. True free speech has become a hate crime on campus. These agendas are driven by Community activists with PhDs, and Lawyers turned Community Activists. As usual, the ?students,? the poor, the underprivileged, and the unemployed are targeted for manipulation [brainwashing] to become their pawns. Somehow these ?rehabilitated? ?60s radicals, terrorists and agitators [now teaching freely and making tons of money in the free market system they hate] like Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Ward Churchill, Angela Davis and their bidders: Reverend Wright, Father Pfleger, Andy Stern, Van Jones, The Huffington Post, Louis Farrakhan, Malik Shabazz, la Raza, the California Separatists and a host of other Fascists, Maoaists, Racists and anti-Semites, are never called to account.

If you are skeptical about my claims, watch and listen critically and then investigate. Take a look at your kids? and grandkids? textbooks. Check out the politically correct content. Go to a School Board meeting and see what the schools are doing, what the textbook review process is. Visit a local College Campus and see who the professors are. Are there any Traditionalists or Conservatives? You can tell by reading the Course Syllabi, if you know what to look for. What has happened to the ?rugged individualist?? We are told it is a new era: there is no room for them in Modern Society. This is Progressive thought. Also, does it really ?take a village to raise a child?? Or are you being led down a path to a Collectivist State that replaces Family and Parental Rights? At your child?s School Board meeting, try to exercise your Parental Rights on an issue and see what happens. Your words will impact deaf ears and receive blind stares. If they allow you to finish without interrupting, you will be spoken to calmly and treated like a deranged mental patient. I served on a School Board a decade ago and fought for parents and against this kind of activism. Not long ago, I attended a couple School Board meetings elsewhere as a private, concerned citizen. I asked some questions about use of taxpayer funding and teaching methods. I too, despite them knowing my experience, was all but disregarded; my concerns dismissed out of hand with a few winks and nods. I suspect that much of the time School Board Members don?t even realize they are being co-opted by a Progressive Education Agenda. I am all but certain it is getting worse, not better today.

One must be vigilant. The Left is like a pack of Coyotes. You can chase them off, but they?ll be back.

One must be vigilant. The Left is like a pack of Coyotes. You can chase them off, but they?ll be back. Each time they return, they are a bit more cunning and a bit more brazen. You must increase your own numbers to adequately defend against them. They are true believers and do not give up. The Left?s tools are sophistry, slander, scandal, and smear. You can defeat them with sound public information and logic, but you must be persistent. Inactivity on the part of critical thinking Patriots will result in defeat. This requires the ideas, help, and support of other like minded ?rugged individualists? [i.e., American Patriots]. It is not a battle you can engage in and win alone. Form support groups.

Gov. Jan Brewer is a solid person who has been vilified by the Left and their sympathetic media. If they can do this to her, what will they do to you or me? Don?t be fooled again in 2010, like so many were in 2008.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

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