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Voters Will Rebuke President Obama and Mexico's attack on Democracy in America
Posted on Wednesday, July 07 @ 11:25:19 EDT
Topic: Americans for Legal Immigration PACAmericans for Legal Immigration PACVoters Will Rebuke President Obama and Mexico's attack on Democracy in America

July 7, 2010


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Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is speaking out and encouraging all Americans to speak out against President Obama's attack against Arizona's new immigration enforcement law, which is an attack on all Americans who want illegal immigration stopped and an attack on the self-governance of American citizens.

"Obama is joining with the corrupt government of Mexico to attack Democracy in America and a popular state law which simply mirrors the Federal laws he swore an oath to enforce," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "The public backlash against Obama's despotic behavior will manifest in the 2010 elections in historic proportions. Obama wants to take down Arizona and the efforts to restore the Rule of Law in America. Now it is time for Americans to politically take down Obama."

ALIPAC is launching a talk radio and Internet campaign to encourage Americans to contact their members of Congress to demand Congressional action to stop President Obama's administration from further damaging American security, sovereignty, and principles. ALIPAC is asking Congress to intervene to stop Obama's lawsuit against Arizona.

ALIPAC's efforts will also focus on organizing Americans behind Congressional campaigns that support Constitutional governance where We The People of the United States determine policy, instead of Obama's authoritarian edicts.

"Obama is displaying a pattern of power abuse and revealing that he is an authoritarian ruler who erroneously believes he can create policy, instead of Congress," said William Gheen. "Americans need to wake up, unify, and organize against this despot in the White House, while we still have a country that can be saved."

Americans expect the Federal government to perform one duty above all others and that duty is to protect American citizens from harm from elements outside of the nation. The Obama administration is refusing to defend American jobs, wages, property, security, health, and lives from attacks conducted against civilians by foreign powers that are aided by traitors inside of the United States.

Public opinion is rapidly turning against Obama, a trend which will be increased and accelerated by his effort to thwart Democracy in Arizona via a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ). The Arizona law is supported by 60-81% of Americans according to numerous scientific and certified polls.

"Obama has just made a huge mistake," said William Gheen. "We are going to clean his political clock in the elections this November and the American public is going to surround this despot in the White House with new members of Congress who are ready to stop the President's affronts to our Republican form of governance in America and her states."

Obama is weakening America and showing a pattern of despotic behavior by attacking freedoms, Democracy, and Constitutional governance. Examples include his attempts to gain the power to shut down parts of the Internet, restricting freedoms of the press around the BP oil spill disaster, securing special treatment and Amnesty for his illegal alien aunt Zeutini Onyongo, cutting of Federal worker access to websites with opinions that oppose his administration, encouraging the Department of Homeland Security to falsely demonize his political opponents as potential domestic terrorists who threaten the lives of police officers, while leaving our borders open to terrorists and gangsters from other nations, ending all work site raids to arrest illegal aliens, and refusing to secure the borders during a time of war as required by the US Constitution, and pushing the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty plan, which would turn millions of illegal aliens into voters thus destroying the borders of the United States forever.

To schedule interviews and receive more information about ALIPAC's efforts to stop Obama and Mexico's attacks on American sovereignty, please visit www.ALIPAC.us or call (866) 703-0864.


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