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Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

The enemy has many different angles of attack against us and we need the same strategy as well. The problem that we conservatives have is financial, rather than strategic. Our enemies are well funded by the wealthy elite like the Hollywood scum and other rich leftists like Bill Gates and George Soros.

The conservative movement is grass roots, made up of middle
class small business owners, blue collar and other assorted patriots. The conservative movement is currently in the middle of a tug o war as well, by plants in the media (controlled opposition) and the tea party movement that want to distract us off of our game in regards to the Obama eligibility issue.

They Tea Party leaders and plants at Fox News want you to focus on 'the issues' rather than the one issue that could really get Obama removed and thrown into jail. Well, look at how well focusing on 'the issues' has worked for you all. Did it stop socialized health care, nationalizing the auto industry or the massive spending? No...

The media is scared to death of the eligibility issue growing legs, because powerful people are behind this conspiracy. Plus, they (Fox news especially) fear being blamed for the race war that would ensue if Obama were removed from office for fraud. How do I know they fear it? Not one of the lawyers or plaintiffs have been on Fox news that I can recall. They just have their spin masters Glenn Beck and Bill O' LEILLY tell the toothless fools in their audiences that "they know Obama was born in Hawaii, so just forget the whole thing". ?

Fox News is the John McCain channel, he is on there day and night. Murdoch and McCain are obviously buddies and I believe that this has a lot to do with the suppression of news coverage about the Obama eligibility lawsuits and accusations. Once in a while they will report a story here and there to avoid criticism, but then they smear and attack anyone that is involved with the movement or that is demanding answers.

Fox News is using left wing tactics against their own audience. I have received many thousands of e-mails from people the past year that are furious at Fox, Beck and Bill O' for their clearly biased and unbalanced coverage on the eligibility conspiracy. It is obvious that they are hiding something as well and they should be held accountable if it is proven that they conspired to defraud the American people. The scum at CNN and MSNBC need to be targeted as well, but Fox News was the key player to keeping the masses misinformed and off of this issue.

I work endlessly to get the truth out on this issue and many others and I do not appreciate paid corporate shills like Beck, undermining my hard work. Plus they attack patriotic Americans that know damn well, that Obama is not a natural born citizen. I would spit in Beck's face if I saw him, he is a traitor, because not only does he lack the guts to tell the truth about this issue, but he aids the enemy by attacking the movement as well. ? ? ?

This cover up into Obama's eligibility started before the 2008 election and I am convinced that people in BOTH parties conspired in multiple felonies.? The elite have their own rules, this is no secret. Plus, I suspect that there could have been either blackmail or bribery involved as well after seeing what is at stake here. I believe they (Obama and McCain) made a deal not to pursue it and then the Dems would not make a big deal that McCain was possibly born in a hospital OFF of the Naval base.

I am not saying that John McCain was bribed, BUT I am saying that it is suspicious that the Democrats questioned whether he was a natural born citizen. The Senate held a hearing to inquire into his natural born citizenship and John McCain supposedly had to bring his BIRTH CERTIFICATE to this hearing. How else would he prove his citizenship? Notice that John McCain did not post his birth certificate on the Internet? McCain did not hire a lawyer and spend $2 million dollars to fight this investigation, but Obama did.

The Democrats were the original birthers, but they changed their strategy when they realized that Obama was a fraud. Then suddenly they wanted this issue to quietly go away. Was a back room deal made with McCain? John McCain needs to be investigated and he needs to testify under oath about this alleged conspiracy. That is why it is important for him to lose his senate race in Arizona.

John McCain knew that there were pending lawsuits into Obama's eligibility status and rather than demanding equality and a Senate hearing into Obama's eligibility, he forgets the entire matter. No official hearing is held to question Obama's eligibility from that moment on.

Did John McCain KNOWINGLY aid Obama aka Barry Soetoro cover up multiple felonies? Why did McCain avoid asking for a Senate hearing to investigate Obama's possible ineligibility. Obama's father was NOT a US Citizen; therefore it would not matter if he even had a valid birth certificate, because he has allegiance to Kenya at birth. That does not meet the definition of a natural born citizen.

The people and the lawyers involved with the eligibility issue need to start demanding answers WHY McCain did not protect the U.S. Constitution that he has sworn an oath to uphold. It was his duty to demand that a hearing be held to ensure that the American people were not being swindled by a foreign usurper and I allege that he assisted with this conspiracy. ? ?

I have been following this controversy since August 2008 and it reeks of lies and a cover up from the top of the U.S. Government, Military to their puppets in the media and it disgusts me. I believe that calling McCain out is something that has to be done, it will not remove Obama, but it will expose McCain, for the RINO double agent that he is. ?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

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