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Stop Them Cold: The?Usurpathon

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Announcing The Usurpathon: A Rolling ?Velvet Revolution? to Remove the Usurper, et al

We?ve been running a marathon, and now we know fully who Obama/Soetoro is, who he is not, and what he is about. We also are aware that he is a tool of others?whose agenda is decisively anti-American, and that this program is in open, full swing against the American people.


America in Distress

Inspired by the agreement and comments generated in The Silver Bullet, and by an article on the Czechoslovakian Velvet Revolution, the hour has arrived?to Stop Them Cold.

A General Framework

The main focus of this effort is Obama?s lack of eligibility for the Presidency, and to boldly put forth that he is a usurper. Naming it ?usurper?, and being prepared to say?verbally and with signage? ?usurping is not racist, its illegal?,? is critical to defining the terms of the discussion, and reclaims the language.

We must offer a solution that is rooted in our Constitution:


  • Removal under 25th Amendment ?disability?
  • Demand the Court?s compliance with Article III?to hear the constitutional case
  • Congressional investigation and removal under the 20th or 25th amendments
  • Immediate arrest by FBI or military authorities
  • Arrest, prosecution and incarceration for identity theft, fraud, falsification of records

We must also name associates, the purpose being to show them that we know who they are, that we are serious, and that we are not going away.

A Thousand Cuts

There is room in this effort for many people from each of the 50 States. We are literally dancing with wolves, or better yet, sharks, with a cast of thousands.

So we have more thousands than they do. :razz:

And in addition to American ingenuity, we have the love of our Country in heart and mind?something the communists, leftists, democrats, world elitists, and socialists will never have.? It is their Achilles heel, and our shattering silver bullet.

Their future is uncertain because love changes everything.

Please read the Velvet Revolution, and also review Revolution Radio?s interview with jbjd on specific action that can be taken in Texas on eligibility.

If you want to join this discussion and seriously plan for the ?Usurpathon?,? tell me ?yes? in your comments and I will add you to the invitation list.


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