Viernes, 02 de julio de 2010

KERCHNER v OBAMA - Not Precedential Opinion - Transport Room


?Spaulding said...

While Mario and the Commander expected the appeal to fail, the court's use of Berg and Hollister is insulting. We are approaching the criteria expressed in The Declaration in which patriots rejected the tyranny of the annointed. The tone and reasoning of this rejection are exemplified by the arrogance of this federal court.

While the courts avoid their sworn allegiance to the Constitution behind their invented doctrine of standing, they won't be able to hide from "the people." I will contribute to Cmder Kerchner again, though my business is dead, with the hope that Mr. Apuzzo will explain to the the growing number of the injured, that the courts won't honor the Constitution because too many of us have been injured by the actions of a president whose authority has not been granted by our rule of law.

Let us keep a list of those paid and sworn to uphold the Constitution who fail their to execute their duties and refer to that list when we take it back - and we will take it back!

July 2, 2010 12:41 PM

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