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permalink??Executive Order Gives Interagency Council Control over American Lives

Brother O has signed an Executive Order designed to control people?s lives under the guise of disease prevention and health promotion. The Order establishes the??National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council,?

( Executive Order not published yet at

Read Executive Order June10, 2010

?an interagency council to interact with the departments of HHS, Agriculture, Education, Labor, Transportation, and others to implement national prevention and health promotion policies.

?In order to create a true, wellness society and rein in chronic disease, all federal agencies must be engaged. ? The President ? in signing this executive order ? mark[s] another significant milestone in our goal of coordinating federal efforts and improving the health and wellbeing of our society.? ?Leftist Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA)

Actually, the Council?s principal purpose?involves ?lifestyle behavior modification??for some Americans who do not practice ?healthy behavior.? Section 6 (c) of the Order focuses on Brother O?s desired lifestyle behavior modifications:?

  • smoking cessation,
  • proper nutrition,
  • appropriate exercise,
  • mental health,
  • behavioral health,
  • sedentary behavior (see Sec. 3 [c]),
  • substance-use disorder, and
  • domestic violence screenings.

The Order also creates a 25-member ?Advisory Group? of hand-picked medical experts from public health fields and other areas of expertise in the private sector to modify the lifestyles and behaviors of people the government deems unhealthy.?

According to Section 4 (b) of the Order, lifestyle behavior modification advisors will actively carry out:?

  • worksite health promotion,
  • community services, including community health centers,
  • preventive medicine,
  • health coaching,
  • public health education,
  • geriatrics, and
  • rehabilitation medicine.

Brother O?s ?lifestyle behavior modification? Order is open-ended in areas of ?mental? and ?behavioral? health, ?proper nutrition,? ?sedentary behavior,? and ?appropriate exercise? so that some Americans will think and act and eat and drink for the ?health and wellbeing of our society.??

However, Brother O seems to have omitted the unhealthy sexual practices of some Americans from the list of lifestyle behavior modifications. The diseases associated with Americans who engage in anal sex include: HIV, anal cancer, typhoid fever, Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes simplex, Amoebiasis, Cryptosporidiosis, E. coli infections, Giardiasis, Human papillomavirus, Lymphogranuloma venereum, Salmonellosis, and Shigella.?

Medical doctors know that the shape of the bowel is not designed for sexual intercourse. The bowel lining is a single cell layer, and the anal sphincter muscle has to be forced open during anal intercourse, which results in trauma and tearing. The action of intercourse damages the bowel lining making it easy for bacteria and viruses to enter the body.?

The health risks to heterosexuals and homosexuals engaging in anal sex have been hushed up by political correctness and a reluctance to speak about the subject.?

I am politically incorrect ? I am unreluctant ??

For additional information on Brother O?s National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council, see?Obama Issues Executive Order Mandating ?Lifestyle Behavior Modification??from the?Nanny State Liberation Front.

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? Jerry A. Kane, all rights reserved. Jerry A. Kane works part-time as a technical writer and editor. He has spent almost two decades as an adjunct English professor and over a decade as journalist. His commentaries have appeared on WorldNetDaily, the American Thinker, Canada Free Press, and in daily and weekly newspapers in western Pennsylvania. Visit his blog,?The Millstone Diaries, for more commentaries and musings.

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