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Obama?s Destruction Of Capitalism

By?Dr. Tim Ball??Monday, June 14, 2010

Obama?s administration is rapidly replacing capitalism, markets and free enterprise with socialism and total government control. In Marxist theory socialism is a stage on the way to the overthrow of capitalism and establishment of communism.? It?s doing this by finding examples of capitalist ?failures? and using them to justify government regulation and takeover.

It?s easy because there are always examples. It?s made easier by the inherent distrust and dislike of people successful in industry and business, a continuation of the historical social struggle underscored by the Industrial Revolution. They?re natural targets for environmentalism, which as Vaclav Klaus says, is ?a political movement that originally began with the protection of the environment ? a humble and perhaps even legitimate goal ? but has gradually transformed itself into an ideology that has almost nothing to do with nature.? The problem is industry and business, a political minority, are best equipped to deal with energy and environmental issues.

Best-Equipped For Real Problems

Global?warming?is central to the plan of total government control as identified in the 1974 Club of Rome report titled, ?Mankind at the Turning Point.? However, there were other issues including water shortages, famine and pollution. As the report notes, ?All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.? Capitalist countries were the targets for causing pollution, but contrary to general knowledge pollution, environmental degradation and cleanup records were worse under communism. This does not absolve capitalist nations, however, once the problem was identified and environmentalism became the new paradigm they moved to resolve the issues.

They did this whether the issue was real, like air pollution, or manufactured, like ozone. All levels of pollution have declined in democratic capitalist nations. They could be lower and would be if time, money and effort wasted on global warming and?climatechange?was reassigned. The Congressional Budget Office?estimated?this was $99 billion between 1998 and 2009.

Add billions spent in subsidies for alternate energies and most pollution problems are resolved. The infuriating part is all the money is spent unnecessarily because of the false objective of reducing CO2. Even with subsidies, alternate energies can?t compete.

No country has achieved CO2 reduction levels set out in the Kyoto Accord. In fact levels have increased in every single country. The US is the only country that has reduced the rate of increase and this was done through a voluntary program. In countries where attempts were made to tackle CO2 through carbon taxes and green jobs, serious problems quickly emerged. Economies were devastated and as in Spain each green job cost 2.2 regular jobs. Many believe Obama is pushing toward European socialism. He had the vote as the first African American President and appeared centrist but will he have the vote now his hidden agenda is exposed?

Non-producers Attack The Producers

What percentage of people are involved in the various segments of a society? How many are entrepreneurs, inventors or innovators willing to take risks to set up a business or pursue an opportunity? We?re told small businesses are the engine of the US economy, but what percentage are they? The US was built around immigrants, almost a gene pool of those who sought freedom to pursue enterprise and opportunity, and as a nation has the greatest chance of resisting the socialist insurgence. Immigrants left behind those who had a greater trust in government. It is a major difference between Canada and the US.

Obama?s support comes from socialists and even communists like Van Jones, most academics, Union leaders, bureaucrats and environmental groups. They all feed at the public trough while undermining those who generate the wealth. They are the parasites of society who produce nothing and advance by destroying or feeding off others. A parasite is defined as ?an organism that lives in or on another organism and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host?s expense.? Margaret Thatcher said, ?Socialism only works until you run out of other people?s money.? You can appear to get ahead by pulling yourself up or by pushing others down. It is much easier to push others down and that is the pattern and actions of all these groups. But what happens if the organism on which the parasite feeds, dies? Even worse, and illogical is when the parasite deliberately sets out to destroy the host?

Ultimately, environment and climate change are of no consequence to this administration. Despite all the rhetoric they?ve done virtually nothing to deal with the oil disaster in the Gulf and they?ve let BP fumble. It suggests political opportunities of denigrating industry outweigh environmental concerns. They are simply vehicles to achieve political control. Every poll shows public priorities don?t match professed priorities of the administration. A 2009 Pew Research Centre Poll illustrates the difference (Figure 1).

Figure 1: US Public priorities.?Source:

Further proof?it is not a concern is the deliberate increase in debt. Initially Obama could blame the debt on the Bush administration, but in doing so he acknowledged it was a problem. However, instead of dealing with it, his policies cause dramatic increases. As the debt grows, money to deal with climate and environmental issues diminish rapidly. It has risen from $7.7 trillion in 2005 to $13 trillion now. Last week a Treasury Department Report to Congress says it will rise to $19.6 trillion by 2015.

Another part of the strategy is devolution of authority from Congress to bureaucracies. In Europe bureaucracies effectively control every aspect of people?s lives. Obama pursues the same pattern such as the powers granted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over CO2.? Some Senators saw the danger and presented legislation to remove the EPA power. On June 10, it was defeated 53 to 47 with Senator Boxer making the incredible comment that voting for the bill was equivalent to repealing the laws of gravity. This fits Melanie Phillips? definition of the?Age of Irrationality?in which she argues we are entering a new era of anti-enlightenment. She claims,??all the ideologies so prevalent today in ?progressive? circles are deeply reactionary, illiberal and coercive.??That is because the ideology, ?by wrenching evidence to fit a prior idea, is inimical to reason and sacrifices truth to power.?

Bullying, intimidation, and suppression of debate replace reason. It condemns the people who can deal with problems, the ones who seek personal freedom through invention, and innovation. They?re the leaders of industry and business demonized by the Club of Rome and now Obama. Julian Simon challenged the hypothesis and projections of the Club of Rome, which have proved completely wrong, yet continue to pervade left wing ideology. Simon?s assessments and projections were far more accurate, indeed his work inspired Bjorn Lomborg, author of?The Skeptical Environmentalist.? Simon was one founder of free market environmentalism, a proven ideology that Obama?s actions are designed to prevent.?

He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help. Abraham Lincoln

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