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Letter to Investigating Officer in Lt. Col. Lakin Case


June 4, 2010

The U.S. Constitution is the oldest, yet shortest, written constitution still in use today. Or has it been suspended for Obama's usurpation?


Dear Editor:  The following letter was sent to the Investigating Officer for the Article 32 hearing scheduled for June 11, 2010, at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center:

Dear LTC Driscoll,

I understand you are the investigating officer in the upcoming trial of LTC Terry Lakin. First of all, you have made a huge strategic error by refusing to allow discovery that would exonerate Lakin in his refusal to take orders from an ineligible commander-in-chief. The whole world now knows that Barack Obama has usurped the presidency and the commander-in-chief position. We have all been made aware for the past 18 months or more that our Constitution requires that the presidency can only be given to a natural born Citizen. Obama does not pass that test with a Kenyan father who passed on his British citizenship and allegiance to his son. Obama was not, and can never be, eligible to hold the office he fraudulently holds. And you, sir, are now complicit in the cover-up by refusing to allow LTC Lakin the discovery that would exonerate him.

I don’t think anyone would argue with your position that “…constitutional jurisprudence allows Congress alone, and not a military judicial body, to put the president’s credentials on trial…” if the president was not also our commander-in-chief. However, the president of the U.S. is also the commander-in-chief of our military forces. You have no excuse, Col. Driscoll, for failing to allow a fellow military member discovery which would exonerate him. You have taken the road that no officer of integrity would take: the low road, the path of least resistance, the going-along-to-get-along way that only a coward and hater of our Constitution would take. Passing the buck to Congress and abrogating your responsibility to constitutional jurisprudence in this military matter just does not wash and will not go unnoticed by America, or the world, for that matter.

You, sir, also took an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and you just showed that that oath means nothing to you. No person of integrity would withhold discovery from a defendant who has simply done what he swore to do: to support and defend the Constitution. The Army has lost the respect of all of us who believe in the rule of law and are shocked that it is being denied to defendant Lakin.

I worked with the Army for many years during my federal career and never expected to see this day of disgusting cowardice and miscarriage of justice against a decorated Army officer of sterling credentials and character. LTC Lakin has put his oath, his principles, his career, and his life on the line and deserves to be afforded full discovery of Obama’s credentials. You need to know that LTC Lakin represents millions of us who are absolutely appalled at the conspiracy of silence and cover-up in which the Army is engaging to carry out this miscarriage of justice. You know the truth. You know Obama is not qualified to serve as the president and commander-in-chief, and it is highly likely that you are aware that Obama has falsified his credentials on many fronts. Misprision of felony would look really ugly on your next ER.

Disgusted with the Army,

Kathleen Gotto


Editor’s Note: LTC Driscoll’s contact information is:

Daniel J. Driscoll
Investigating Officer
[email protected]

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