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Army slams door on Obama Eligibility details

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An Army “investigating officer” has banished evidence about the controversy over President Obama’s eligibility – or lack thereof – to be commander-in-chief from a pending hearing for a career military doctor who announced he is refusing orders until Obama documents his constitutional status.

Military Tribunal will not examine Obama’s eligibility

“In my view our constitutional jurisprudence allows Congress alone, and not a military judicial body, to put the president’s credentials on trial,” wrote Daniel J. Driscoll in a memorandum determining what evidence the defense for Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin will be allowed to explore at next week’s hearing.

“It is my opinion the discovery items pertaining to the president’s credentials are not relevant to the proof of any element of the charges and specifications set forth in the charge sheet,” he continued. “Consequently I will not examine the documents or witnesses pertinent to the president or his credentials to hold office.”

The ruling came prior to a scheduled Article 32 hearing for Lakin, who posted a video inviting his own court hearing because of the status of the president and questions over whether his eligibility means orders given under his control would be invalid.

Read More: By Bob Unruh, WND

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