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STRATEGY NEEDED: How to help Sarah Palin and her family with their stalker, and new neighbor, Creepy McGinniss

We want you to put your thinking caps on today, and to help think of ways to defeat the Palins’ stalker, Creepy McGinniss — an author who has rented the house next to theirs so he can peep into little Piper’s window, spy on the Governor as she works in her garden, and generally be gross and stalkerish for the next five months. Maybe he’ll even pose for Playgirl, too. That’s what the louses who normally stalk the Palins do.

Here’s the dilemma:  our gut is that book publishers love controversy, so Random House, which is funding this misadventure, would love any publicity it can get for McGinniss’ upcoming tome.  Therefore, we don’t know how much good a big letter writing campaign to Random House would do…especially if it makes the execs there think they’ve got a hit on their hands, with all these people generating buzz about the project.

Our next thought is to maybe go a side route here, and organize some kind of boycott of Rand House’s current titles…to show the company that its support of McGinniss is detrimentally impacting the sale of other Random House authors.

But, boycotts are hard to launch and manage, and Random House has so many titles in print, we don’t know how effective this would be in terms of targeting which particular authors.

Can a lease be ended early if a homeowner wants to end it?

That’s our next thought:  who owns the house next to the Palins…perhaps that person can be shamed into evicting McGinniss, for being so creepy.

Maybe THAT’S who should be receiving mail from thousands of people coast to coast…the person who rented this house to the creep.

Because the creep isn’t going to budge on his own.  We doubt Random House is going to budge on its own.  So, we need to find a creative angle upon which to apply pressure if we want to help the Palins have a decent, Wasilla summer free from peepers and whackadoodles next door.

Any ideas?


UPDATE: The part that really bothers us about all of this is that this man, Joe McGinniss, has been seen with binoculars trying to peep into Piper’s window.

Random House SHOULD have a real problem with that.

Does McGinniss have any family that could possibly talk to him about how this whole project is coming off?

What does McGinniss’ family have to think of him peeping into a prepubescent girl’s window?

Can’t someone he know talk some sense into him to abandon this effort, just to end the impression he’s up to something truly very creepy like this?

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