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The real reason Obama is attacking Arizona...

Posted by GrassfireNation Updates on May 19, 2010 at 6:14pm

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From the Deskof:
Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

Obama's Attorney General is attacking Arizona's
immigration law -- without reading the bill!
The Obama team's goal is to set the stage for
amnesty while discrediting the grassroots Tea
Party movement. The ramifications are enormous.
See below.

Dear Patriot,

Last week Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX), poked a Texas-sized hole in
the push to stop Arizona's reasonable immigration law (SB 1070).
During a hearing with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who
has threatened legal action to block SB1070's enforcement,
Poe asked, "Have you read the Arizona law?"

Holder stammered, "I glanced at it."

Poe, a former prosecutor and judge then turned up the heat
on Holder, questioning his snap to judgment regarding the
constitutionality of the statute without having first read
the law. Poe then chided Holder by pointing out that the
16-page bill was much shorter than the healthcare bill -- 
which Holder claims to have read.

Had Holder read the law, he would have concluded
that SB1070 simply states that violating federal immigration
law is now a state crime as well.

+ + Why the Left is attacking Arizona...

Without even reading the new law, Holder and the pro-amnesty
Left are on the attack. And their reasons are clear...

The Obama team and pro-amnesty advocates are trying
to label anyone who supports border security as
a racist, xenophobe or hate monger -- and then
use this platform to pass amnesty and rally
their base in November.

Never mind that 70 percent of Arizona residents support the
law, or the fact that as citizens we have a right to have
our borders secured. If the Left can succeed in framing the
border issue in hate and xenophobia, they will have created
the political justification they need to pass amnesty while
discrediting their political opponents in the upcoming election.

+ + 100,000 Grassroots Americans Standing With Arizona!

Grassfire Nation is launching a national petition to give
Americans an opportunity to show support for Arizona's
reasonable immigration law and to oppose the efforts to
demonize those who stand for border security.

Over the next two weeks, we want to rally 100,000 citizens who
applaud what governor Jan Brewer has done -- and oppose the
attacks and threatened boycotts of Arizona. As soon as we
reach our goal, we will deliver the petitions to the Governor
in a strong show of national support.

Go here to express your support of Arizona's sensible
stand on immigration and to oppose the outrageous
attacks on those who stand for border security:


+ + We are Arizonians...

Sarah Palin said recently in giving her support for SB1070,
"we are all Arizonians."

She's right. Regardless where you live in the U.S.,
Arizona's problem is really OUR problem, and as Americans,
we must react to these attacks by supporting SB1070.

If we allow President Obama, Attorney General Holder and
the Left to use the Arizona law to incorrectly frame the
immigration issue in terms of "race" and "hate," we will
be handing them the political key to passing amnesty and
discrediting the grassroots, Tea-Party movement which
threatens to undermine their power this November.

Click below to read the Arizona law for yourself and sign
our petition:


Thank you in advance for takinga stand on this issue.

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation

P.S. If we let the Arizona attacks go unchallenged, we will
give the Left the key to passing amnesty AND winning in
November. After reading the law and signing our petition,
please take a few additional moments to alert your friends -- 
urging them to follow your lead by clicking on the link below:


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