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Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The Coup de Grace

 By Michael Oberndorf, RPA

  Wednesday, April 28, 2010

With all of the Marxist legislation being rammed through Congress by the neofascist Obama/Pelosi/Reid cabal, you would think it would be hard to pick the most dangerous one of all. But really, folks, it’s frighteningly easy. It’s the upcoming amnesty bill, euphemistically called by the leftist, globalist majority in Congress, Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

This as yet unwritten bill (thus, as with the “stimulus” and “healthcare reform” bills, we cannot possibly know what is in it until it is actually signed into law) has nothing to do with immigration, fairness, or race. It’s sole purpose is to inflate the rolls of Democrat voters with as many as 12,000,000 people, mostly from countries with long histories of voter fraud and corruption, where bribery is a way of life, and constitutional liberty is unknown. The effect of this would be to give the neofascists an insurmountable majority, allowing them to quickly and permanently turn America into a Marxist dictatorship.

But wait, the propagandists and liberal apologists say, what about fairness? To which I say, what is fair about foreign criminals – for that is, by definition, what people who break the law to enter our country are – what is fair about foreign criminals stealing 12,000,000 jobs from American workers, at a time of massive suffering due to double-digit unemployment? But they only take jobs that Americans won’t do, the leftists say. This is a huge lie, as anyone who has looked at a construction site or the crew on a state road job or a federal contract job, etc., knows. And guess what else? These are the good paying jobs that used to held mostly by American minorities. No more. I constantly see contractors on federal, state, and private jobs who are the only citizens on the whole crew. Just what the hell is fair about that?

But…but…this is racist! It will be aimed at brown-skinned people! Well, yes, but only to the degree that most of the illegals are brown-skinned. However, as anyone who is even marginally familiar with Mexicans – not Chicanos, folks, Mexicans – can spot them a mile away. They dress and act very differently than Chicanos, and they don’t speak English. The only people in this country legally who don’t speak English are usually seriously old, which the vast majority of illegals are not. In any case, a criminal is a criminal, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc, etc, ad nauseam. And frankly, the people who have made race the defining characteristic of their social, economic, and political policies, are the real, hypocritical racists, and have no credibility.

The criminal aliens who have overrun our country have cost hard-working American taxpayers billions of dollars, and hundreds of lives of people killed by drunken, un- or illegally licensed drivers, or murdered by violent sociopaths. When is Obama, who has in his narcissistic autobiographies and by his close associations made it clear that he hates white people, going to show some concern for what is fair to Americans – of all races? However, when you have a “president” who appears to have gotten into office by fraud – Remember ACORN? Seen proof that he is a natural born American? – one who is clearly a puppet of fascist/globalists like George Soros, do you really expect him, or the corrupt party that he fronts for, to put the interests of America and Americans first?

We are on the verge of unprecedented disaster. Amnesty must be stopped, and illegal aliens must all be sent back to their countries of origin. If we don’t, America will cease to exist as a free nation, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves…

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