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NewspaperBirth Announcement Ads in 1961 in two Hawaiian Newspapersdo NOT prove Obama was physically born inHawaii.
The two announcements in theHawaiiannewspaper in 1961 only provea birth was REGISTERED there, notthat hewas born there. A registration was allowed under Hawaiianlawin 1961 to be made by any family member via a simple mail-in formtothe state HealthDepartment. No 3rd party or independentwitnesses tothe birth were required. The statement of a family memberregistering anew born child as born home was accepted into theregistration systemwith little or not questions back then. Thus thefamily could lie andregister a birth in Hawaii when it occurredelsewhere, anywhere in theworld, simply to get the child U.S.citizenship, a highly covetedstatus then and now. The falseregistration was not done so he could bePresident
some day. The false registration was done to get the new bornchild
 citizenship for that time. It was a case of birthregistrationfraud to illegally gain U.S. citizenship for a foreign bornchild ofthe family.

Given Hawaii's very lax birth registration laws, as I said, Obamacouldhave been born anywhere in the world and if Obama's maternalgrandmafilled out the form and mailed it in to the birth registrationofficesaying Obama was born at their home in Hawaii, a vital recordwould becreated. And the birth announcement was on the list ofbirthsregistered that week and which lists were sent routinely eachweek tothe two newspapers. With data systems it is GIGO, garbage(falseregistration data) in yields garbage out (fraudulently
created birthrecord in the state's vital record system out). And with a
falsifiedbirth registration in the system, subsequent computer printouts inlater years and carefully crafted statements by Hawaiianofficials thatthey have a record of Obama being born in Hawaii can beobtained andmade. But those printouts and statements are being madebased on afalsified vital record mail-in registration form back in 1961.

WND.com, an online newspaper, did investigations on this first in2009.They also did follow on stories in 2010 into how the newspaper adswereplaced in those two papers in 1961 and the research revealed thatthebirth announcements were placed by the state, not the family. Seethesetwo article links below and many other articles as to how theHonoluluAdvertiser and the other sister pub got the birth announcementsfrom alist from the state each week, not from the families. These werepublicservice birth announcements provided by the state.Garbage/falsifieddata on the available and simple birth registrationmail-in form sentinto the birth registration office in 1961 by afraudulent filing byObama's grandmother to get her foreign born newgrandson U.S.citizenship, illegally but easily given Hawaii's lax lawsback then,yielded a birth announcement in the paper for a birth inHawaii thatwas registered there but did not physically occur in
Obamawas physically not born inHawaii, as James Orengo, Member ofParliament, in Kenya recentlyattested to,as have other MPs in Kenya and as havemembers of Obama's paternal linefamily in Kenya. 2009 investigationinto the two Obama Birth newspaper announcements:


2010 follow-up investigationreport in theObama Birth newspaper



My explanation to BillCunningham on hisnationally syndicated radio show in he summer of2009:


The main streammedia isdeliberately lying about how these birth
 announcements got into thosenewspapers when they tell Americathat the family placed the ads andthat someone was anticipating thatsomeday Obama would run forPresident. First the family did not placethe ads, the state did. And the family member simply filed the falsebirth registration data on themail-in form for the obvious purpose ofgaining the child U.S.citizenship, a highly coveted status then andnow. Birth registrationfraud occurs today and it occurred then.And it occurred in with Obama.
The Hawaiian authorities werevictimsof the birth registration fraud by Obama's grandmother back in1961 andnow instead of admitting it, they are covering up that there isnoindependent evidence to verify the false registration that Obamawasborn in Hawaii.
 Nohospital or doctor's nameno medical attendants name at the home.Nothing. Just the falsetestimony of the grandmother on a mail-in formthat no one verified backin 1961.

With the contradictory statements beingmadein Kenya by government
officials there and members of thefamily there that Obamawas born
inKenya and is not a native born American, the true legal identityneedsto be investigated in a court of law. Any reasonable personlooking atthe 
evidence for and againstObamabeing born in Hawaii wouldsay there is reasonable doub the was born in Hawaii and would demand afurther investigation. But themedia is covering up for Obama by makingfalse statements to protecthim. The media created Obama, covered up forhim, and is still a propaganda organ for him. This is a nationaldisgrace.

CDR Charles Kerchner





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