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Where are the American Patriots?


April 12, 2010

Dear Editor:

How many of us are willing to fight for our country?


Why is anyone surprised at the lack of Obama’s commitment to this country? Obama is exactly what he appears to be: an impostor!

Anyone who gives recognition to this usurper has a serious issue with reality, especially those in the military who are taking direction from an uncertified commander-in-chief. Who will be thrown under the bus on the day of reckoning?

So why does everyone on the Hill avoid the eligibility issue except Sarah Palin? Is she the only one with courage to go up against the Alinsky-inspired Obamabots? Are the rest of those on the Hill complicit in what appears to be a coordinated conspiracy?

Where is the outcry and the rage expressed by our friends at The Heritage Foundation, which is purported to be a bastion of righteous freedom. In a pig’s eye. Talk is cheap when an organization is called upon to act on principles.

Speaking of principles, where are our leaders who stand on principle? Where are our leaders with courage? Where are our leaders who respect the rule of law and are permitting this charade to persist on their watch?  Are there any?

  • Where are those who have sworn an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States?
  • Where are those in the government sworn to protect the interests of the American Citizens?
  • Where are our courageous members of Congress?
  • Where are our courageous members of the Senate?
  • Where are our courageous members of the Judiciary?
  • Where are our courageous members of the Justice Department?

Why is No One Asking the Obvious Question that is Just Begging to be Asked?

Why are all members of this government engaged in what appears to be a conspiracy against the American people?  This is a simple, basic question that any reasonable person has a right to have answered, a question that Obama has spent reportedly over $1,000,000 and now perhaps as much as $2,000,000 to avoid addressing?

Instinctively, even the most rational individual has a suspicion of reasonable doubt. Then how can 545 members of our government in good conscience ignore this black elephant standing in the middle of the halls of Congress?

Americans are typically trusting of those who have been elected to represent them, perhaps to a fault, as we are learning the hard way. To add injury to insult, have we been reduced to a level where we are seen as so stupid in the eyes of our elected officials that we do not merit an answer?

Well, I don’t know about you, but when it comes time to contribute to reelection campaigns, the first order of business will be to provide that answer.  No answer?  No contribution!


Arnie Rosner

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