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Nuclear Surrender, The Dream of THE LEFT

Barry Soetoro aka Obama is signing a nuclear treaty that would make all of the communist hippies that protested in the 60's and 70's very proud. THIS is the voluntary surrender of the United States by an illegitimate President that has allegiance to a global communist government, rather than for the safety of America.

It has been a goal of the Russians and China to convert us to communists without even firing a shot and this goal has been achieved. I give them
credit, they pulled it off by "spoon feeding us socialism" for the past 50 years, just like Nikita Khruschev said they would. 

Why is Obama disarming US as Iran, Russia, China and N. Korea are building up their weapons? Is he he is a
trojan horse, communist agent sabotaging us from within? Of course he is.

Many thousands of brave young American soldiers gave their lives to fight the spread of communism all over the globe, but in 2006 and 2008 elections, the American people betrayed them ALL. I tried to warn repeatedly, but I was laughed at...NOW we all shall pay the consequences for your ignorance. Your children and grand children will be slaves, mark my words. I was right before and I will be right again.

Obama is basically telling our communist, rogue enemies in Russia that "I do not see you as a threat, because I am on your side" when he signs this treaty. Make no mistake about it, ALL global terrorism is being orchestrated out of Moscow. Do not be fooled by the Moscow attacks that were possibly staged by the FSB/KGB, they have staged terrorist attacks in the past.

Now our enemies can attack us with bio and chemical weapons without fear of a nuclear retaliation. These terrorist organizations are "state sponsored" folks. We are not fighting bare foot Muslims in a cave and you are naive if you still believe this nonsense.      

Keep talking about "the issues"?

Brainwashed Fox News puppets would parrot their talking point "Lets focus on the issues". Keep talking about issues that will not remove this
fraud and you will have nothing left by 2012. You talked about health care and it did not stop one damn thing. I was right all along, read my archives under the "Economy" and "Editorial" categories.

I would say "Health care is passing, nothing is stopping them" and people would then parrot the Fox News talking points once again "They do not have the votes, they would have voted already" or "health care is dead". I can not tell you how many times I heard these two statements. 

Oh yeah? Ya think? Ya think you know the enemy? I do not recall hearing "the great" Glenn Beck writing the bold prediction that I made about health care passing on his blackboard.  
Our enemies are benefiting greatly by Obama and they do not want the Republicans taking back anything. I would not be shocked if there was a staged event to implode the Republicans somehow. The media is going to go full force against the Tea Parties and the Republicans.  

The only issue that is important right now is that we have an illegitimate president signing laws and treaties that are not worth the ink and paper that they are ON. Obama's ineligibility is the only issue and the only people that can help put this to an end is the officers in the military that are speaking up. This could spark a mutiny in the military against the Joint Chief's for violating their oath to defend the American people from "domestic enemies". 

The Congress, Senate and Supreme Court are part of the cover up and they refused to do anything about this issue BEFORE the election when they had a chance to. Lawsuits were already filed BEFORE the election and the requests were denied by corrupt judges they betrayed this nation. Where were the Beck's, Hannity's and O' Reilly's before the election? They betrayed the people as well. 

Once Obama was elected the judges used the excuse that "the people have no standing to challenge Obama's eligibility". The fix was in folks, the elite protect their own.

The ONLY thing that will save US is for more officers to question Obama's illegal orders and the PEOPLE need to defend their actions, because they will be targeted by the left and the Fox News puppets. Many of the people on the Internet that are "anti-birthers" are paid operatives of the Obama administration, Glenn Beck puppets or just plain useful idiots doing it for free.

The health care bill and this nuclear treaty are INVALID documents and the people need to demand that Obama step down immediately, because we the people have deemed him a danger to national security.


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