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Responsible citizens should demand an immediate Congressional inquiry
intoO Obama’s history. Obama obviously has something to hide.

President Barack Obama continues to embarrass the United States of
America with his bowing to heathen emperors, ignorant proclamations
 and inept appointees. Obama, fawning and inexperienced, described
China’s economic growth to a Shanghai student audience as “an
accomplishment unparalleled in human history.”

The Chinese, however, are focused on a serious matter: Obama’s
irresponsible budget deficit that will cause them to stop buying our
debt and bankrupt us. Responsible United States citizens must move
 to stop Obama before he purposely destroys our economy and nation.

Obama’s actions are purposely intended to bring America to penury.
Obama despises everyone who works and is successful. Obama’s
 lifelong communist indoctrination demands destruction of the
United States’ free enterprise economy. Post-destruction desperation
 is planned to make citizens amenable to submission to total
government-bureaucrat domination.

The secreted restrictions of liberty and free choice already written
in the Obama health care plan and cap-and-trade legislation confirm
Obama’s agenda.

Responsible citizens should demand an immediate Congressional
 inquiry into Obama’s history. Obama obviously has something to hide.
 Obama’s campaign spent more than $1.6 million dollars and more than
 $1 million of Treasury funds to support Obama’s refusal to do what
every little leaguer and typical citizen must: show an original birth certificate.

In 2008, Democrats held a congressional hearing challenging
 U.S. Sen. John McCain’s eligibility as affected by his birth in the
Panama Canal Zone. No such inquiry has been made into Obama’s eligibility.

Congress must demand accountability from Obama. How did Obama travel
in the 1980s to Muslim lands forbidden to United States passports. Demand
to see Obama’s birth certificate, school records, passport, Selective Service
registration and financial records.

U.S. District Judge David Carter recently dismissed an inquiring lawsuit
stating that only Congress had authority to demand answers and investigate
Obama’s past.



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