Domingo, 08 de noviembre de 2009

November8,2009 by JohnCharlton


From theAtlantic to the Pacific, andfrom the borders of Canada to the RioGrande, the U.S. House has firedthe opening salvo in what looks soon tobecome a veritable SecondAmerican Revolution.
Against thewishes of the majority ofAmericans, Nancy Pelosi lead the Democraticmajority of 215 (with 1Republican) against the Republican leadopposition of 210 (with 36Democrats), and passed the bill. It now goeson to the U.S. Senate,where it will be much more difficult to forge avictory vote.
Americancitizens are outraged at thepower grab being foisted upon them. TheBill has become the singleissue which is waking the American public tothe power-grab agenda ofthe Obama regime; even as the vast majorityrefuse to admit theillegitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama to hold theoffice.The logicalself-contradiction isseen in the very arguments being used onconservative forums, wheremany who hold that the President is noteligible to hold the office arereacting as if the Bill will obligatethe American public according tolaw.

 The UnitedStates is presently infull panic mode, and it does not derive from theshooting at Ft. Hood.Citizensneed to get a hold ofthemselves and think rationally.Now thetime has come to decidewhether you are going to live a life ofemotions, emotive reactions,and a politics of sentimentality, andaccept slavery in Obama’s Marxiststate, or decide to live according toright reason and recognize theindisputable fact, that Obama is not theU.S. President and has nopower to pass any bill, let alone the HealthCare Bill. (Here’s the proof thathe is noteligible forthePresidency)You justcannot have it both ways.Don’t listento the Republicanoperatives in your midst who will say, “Trust us,support us, we canwork through this; don’t go to extremes, Obama doesnot mean what heintends; what we were saying about the Bill is notgoing to happen!” —Oh, they’re not saying that today? —Wait,then,  until the weekafter Obama puts his invalid signature on theinvalid bill.  Thencome back and tell me what you are hearing fromthe leading Republicans.
It’s in theinterest of theRepublican party who put Obama into power, to corral uphis oppoentsand slowly demoralize them by inaction and induce them tobend theirknees and bow down to him. They would not havegiven you a ineligible Marxist as President if itwere not to testwhether you are an idiot or a partiot — and theypresume you are anidiot.

 They would not have given him power, if it was not to makeyouserve him; and him rule over you!
As long asyou keep listening to thepurposeful misinformation and propaganda ofthe Main Stream Media, youare intellectually trapped in a dead end,no-escape scenario; and Obamasupporters are going to laugh you all theway to the FEMA gulags.The choiceis yours!Liberty ordeath!Chooseliberty that you may live!Resist andrefuse to comply with allunlawful Federal dictates.Return toConstitutional principles,which alone uphold your inalienable rights tolife, liberty and thepursuit of happiness.Thechoice isyours!Thesad truthis, that if you joined with the patriots in the Eligibilitymovementfrom the beginning, you would not now be in this predicament.Willyouserve Obama so long as it is pleasant to do so?Haveyou notyet realized that he wants you to serve him, even if it isverydisplesant to you?That’swhatslavery means, after all….


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