Viernes, 09 de octubre de 2009

Age of Achievement, Nobel, Peace at any Prize?


Well, if you can become President without having any executive experience and next to no federal legislative experience, why not get the Nobel for likewise doing nothing?

If you can have a best seller, written by somebody else, and create a following of adoring fans who cannot pinpoint the source of their adoration, other than warm fuzzies and leg tingles, why not run for President and see what happens?  And if warm fuzzies and leg tingles get you the Nobel, all the better!

Lots of people are scratching their heads today wondering what is going on in Scandinavia.   Awarding the Nobel to people who are thoroughly undeserving is becoming a tradition rather than an anomaly.   Look at the list.

Any outfit that would honor Jimmy Carter and Arafat and Gore yet ignore Reagan lacks sufficient credibility to be taken seriously. 

Meanwhile, since Obama took office the world is even more embroiled in war, conflict, tension and strife.  There have been zero advances toward peace, and certainly, nothing this administration can point to worthy of a Nobel affirmation, unless of course, you believe smooth words, phony diplomacy and global capitulation to thugs is the path to peace.

Indeed, history shows, weak knees and pleasing words more often than not usher in wars and rumors of wars.  Democrats routinely plead peace playing the dove and provoke war.  Republicans traditionally build our defenses, confront the thugs, and exact peace. 

Alfred Noble, the chemist and armaments manufacturer, is likely shaking his head in disbelief.   The prize that bears his name too frequently recognizes the ignoble.


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