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Dr. Tatiz,I found partial numbers for several more SSNs and will see if I can find the entire number.


Susan Daniels

Here is an affidavit from a second  licensed investigator -Susan Daniels. She provides an undeniable proof, that Obama has used a social security number of a deceased person, someone who was born in 1890 and lived in the state of CT. No Noble prize, no feather in the hat, will sanitize the fact that this man is a fraud and is a danger to National Security. No prize will exonerate him. He defrauded the whole nation, all 305 million of us and needs to be removed from the White House immediately, and needs to be criminally prosecuted immediately. I hope each and every citizen writes an open letter to Noble Prize committee, cc White House, Department of Justice, FBI, congress and state Houses of representatives and state senates, letting all of them know, that this Noble Prize is an embarrassment to this country, it needs to be withdrawn or at the very least actual awarding of the prize needs to be postponed until legal actions on Obama’s illegitimacy for presidency are heard on the merits. The whole country and now the whole World are entitled to see the evidence, showing him being illegitimate, showing all of the evidence of massive fraud and treason.
Keep in mind that the prizes are political. There is a lot of pressure from different political bodies. Obama, just as Gore before him, is a stooge of the New World Order Crowd, of the Carbon Exchange, Cap and Trade Ponzi Scheme crowd, and a protege of Saudi Arabia. These people have bet billions of dollars and don’t want to let go of their puppet without a fight. They are trying to pull any string they possibly can to legitimate this fraud. An award is just one of those strings. Jimmy Carter got a Noble Peace Prize and he is known as a Saudi Money stooge who shamelessly appeared on TV, showed zero integrity and claimed that all criticism of Obama is racially motivated. After hearing this idiocy, do you still believe in High IQ and moral integrity of people getting Noble Piece Prize?  
 Percy Sutton an African American former Brooklyn Borrow president went on the record, on National TV (it was available on you tube) stating that a known Radical Muslim activist Al Mansur approached him asking to write a recommendation for Obama for Harvard law school, and he stated that Obama was supported by the Royal family of Saudi Arabia during his education.. These people bet billions of dollars on this puppet and are trying to prop him, to elevate him with the Noble prize. It will not work.   



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