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As I was growing up in the Soviet Union, I remember how the Communist Regime was jamming Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, BBC.
I remember my parents and their friends huddled around the transistor radios trying to catch a glimpse of hope, a word of truth over the jamming.

It is truly De Ja Vu. Now two of my previous web sites were destroyed  by hacking.
I noticed, every time there is an important court hearing coming, my web site is being hacked. Google is flashing a sign that there is malware on her site, don’t go there. After the hearing the sign would disappear. As I saw someone tamper with my pay-pal on the previous web site, as my case Lightfoot v Bowen was erased from the docket of the Supreme Court and had to be re-entered on the eve of the hearing  in conference, as someone disconnected a fumes emissions
 hose in my car, I am left to wonder “When will we see a glimpse of hope in this country, when will the decent people of this country,  and decent politicians(might be an oxymorone), media with journalistic integrity will rise against this corrupt and oppresive establishment
and will demand and will get real accountability in the government.

A couple of days ago Yahoo was showing one of top AP headlines “Secretary of Health and Human Services Katherine Sebelius is saying  everyone should get Swine Flu vaccinations.” It was frustrating to read. Though I would like to see women in the top echelons of power,
and it is nice to see a woman reaching a position of a cabinet minister, I was incensed by the lack of integrity and disclosure. How can  Katherine Sebelius tell all the citizens of this country to get vaccinations without letting them know that flu vaccines sent to 18 European
countries by Baxter Pharmaceuticals contained lethal active avian flu virus. European press has written about it and so did Canada free press.
Why American press is behaving like Pravda and TACC during Stalin and Breznev and not providing this information to American citizens?
 Why most of American press is hiding the facts that I provided, that according to licensed investigators, Obama has been using a social
 security number of a deceased individual for most of his life, the fact that he has 39 different social security numbers in National databases, the fact that he refuses to sign a consent to release his original hospital birth certificate with the name of the hospital, doctor and signatures and his hospital birthing file, while coming from HI that allows one to get a birth certificate based on a statement of one relative only,  without any corroborating evidence?


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