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Obama no show at Czars Hearing: Too Busy Supporting Honduras totalitarianism

As Obama goes on supporting the plans of the (Chavez backed) dictatorship proposed by that of rightfully and lawfully deposed President Manuel Zelaya, Obama is a no-show at the hearings calling for investigation into the constitutionality and duties of Obama's czars.

Obama sent not one representative to the hearings to explain himself - to anyone.

Don't ask- won't tell.

In Honduras Obama has turned his back on democracy in favor of his communist brothers.

There was a constitutional transfer of power to Roberto Micheletti in Honduras after then president Zelaya attempted to change the constitution to allow himself to remain in power. 
The Supreme Court stepped in to prevent Zelaya's unconstitutional coup and removed him from the country to prevent his inciting Chavez backed riots. 

In an attempt to force the Honduran government to return power to the threatening dictator Zelaya, the United States under Obama has revoked the visa of Roberto Micheletti and the 14 supreme court judges.

Although the next election cycle is scheduled for November Obama has told temporary president Micheletti and the Honduran Government that those elections will not be recognized. All nonhumanitarian aide has been stopped.

Return Zelaya to power or else.

Just as Obama turned his back on the Iranian people demanding democratic justice in the streets of Iran after corrupt elections so too Obama has turned his back on one of the only pro-american countries left in South America.

The people of Honduras are shocked by the one dependable defender of freedom in the world turning it's power switch to off.

Zelaya is backed by Hugo Chavez, Ortega, the Cuban brothers Castro, and now Obama.

Though Obama answers to no one, congress, the american people, the media, he did make time to sacrifice the dalai lama in favor of China today.

Our new foreign and domestic policy- turn our backs on good people - and stand for Obama's special interests.

How much RED do we have to see before people get it?


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