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From retired criminal Magistrate Steven Neuenschwander to judge Land

September 22, 2009


The Honorable Judge Clay Land

120 12th Street

PO Box 124

Columbus, Georgia



Dear Honorable Judge Land,


I have been an officer of the courts for over thirty years.  In that time I have never seen a total disregard to our constitutional laws and a blatant disrespect for the robe you wear as I have seen in your actions in the recent case of Capt Rhodes.


As a justice of the federal courts, you of all persons, should by now recognize the importance of the solemn oath you have taken to protect not only the constitution but the citizenry of which it serves.  You want to threaten and intimidate a counsel for the plaintiff that has spent thousands of tireless hours representing her clients pro bono to include Captain Rhodes with sanctions and fines, while you display a total disregard to the rule of law.  You sir are a disgrace to your office, the privileged robe you wear as a symbol of that office and to the citizens of the United States who by delegation of their sacred vote have allowed your appointment to that court. 


You have not only a legal, moral, and ethical responsibility to uphold the office of your appointment but to the Constitution as well as the origin of its existence.  Any layman can read Article 1 of the Constitution and quickly ascertain the relevance and intent of the founders of that treasured document.  An intent so adamantly addressed to ensure that this republic can stand regardless of the tyranny it may face in the future.  Based on your actions I am left with only two logical conclusions.


Perhaps your political will is so far left and off stream of the intent and will of the Constitution you simply are not able to effectively administer the position of your appointment.  If that be the case, then you have a moral and legal obligation to remove yourself and let the citizens delegate appointment to a more worthy candidate.


Perhaps you are under political duress by threats or intimidation upon yourself or your family.  If that be the case, while we sympathize with your dilemma, it is time to stand up and be counted.


Captain Rhodes and tens of thousands other Americans stand in arms way as they serve to protect and defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic.  They sacrifice with little regard to their own personal safety so that others, like you, may continue to enjoy the protection granted by the Constitution.  You sir, if you are unable to stand up against those that threaten you are simply a coward.  A person, when called by both God and Country has decided to hide behind an artificial symbol, your robe, and desecrate the flag, the Constitution and the public you serve.


I know not which scenario you apply.  However, regardless, you are directed by your oath of office to adjudicate, provide due process and ensure right of grievance as protected rights under the provisions of the Constitution of the United States of America.


I await, your honor, for you to stand tall and brave and have the “right stuff” and dismiss your show cause against Attorney Taitz and permit her plaintiff the due process and right to address grievance as provided under American law.






Steven K. Neuenschwander

Retired Criminal Magistrate

United States of America



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