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My Open Letter to Judge Land

by DefendUSx September 20, 2009 20:28

Judge Land, i'm sure you're aware of illegals using various methods for forging birth certificates. If fact, the company hired to fix the Sprinkler systems 3 days before 9/11 had all faked their birth certificates! The company is called Berlew Plumbing and Heating out of New Jersey.

You also might be interested to know that in September of 2006, Kelly J. McCrum sold 1525 S Sangamon St. Unit 707, Chicago IL to a person named Osama Barakat. Kelly J. McCrum is the wife of Craig M. Robinson. Craig Robinson is Michelle Obama's brother. The creditor to the purchaser of the Unit (Osama Barakat) was Berlew Plumbing and Heating. 

In other words, a known Al Qaeda front investigated by the FBI also paid for a housing Unit connected to the Obamas. These things can be proven in a court of law, yet no Judge has had the Cahunas to do this.

As for vetting? Money buys loyalty, or maybe you know this first-hand, or maybe you don't. In any case, this "hi-jacking" of America's most vulnerable political party wasn't planned over-night. The key to making it all happen was through bribery, and paid loyalty at some of the highest positions of our government. The Democrat party is rapidly becoming America's "New Party". The "New Party" was the old Communist Party USA 1960s Circa. 

You can't just take my word for it, you have to do the research. You sure won't find it on the main-stream media. The answer to that should be a no-brainer. 

You cited .. that is pathetic. is hardly "bi-partisan", as Obama and Bill Ayers were on the board of the company who own and operate (Annanberg Foundation). Obama piped millions of US tax$ as Senator to and took some kickbacks. Again, all this can be proven with an investigation.

Did you have any family that served this country? Would they be proud of you? Or, would they simply believe that you are not doing your duty as in your Oath to the Constitution.

Going back to the birth certificate your alluding to that Obama has shown on the Internet - first, it is one of three forgeries. The first forgery didn't even have the Seal, Fold lines, or a Registrar's stamp. The second version of the forgery added the Seal, and the third added the Registrar's stamp and fold lines.

Obama's Certificate was created with computer software - not a true document. In fact, i implore you to see this 5 minute video. It will actually produce Obama's fake birth certificate in just 5 minutes using the same Internet template! The video goes through creating an identical one to that of Obama's - even with a Seal (unlike Obama's first version), in just 5 minutes.

See that video here: Reproduce Obama's Certificate of Live Birth in 5 minutes 

Do you feel stupid? You should. Obama insulted your intelligence, and you let him. I just gave you about 5% of all the evidence found that indicates Obama is a complete fraud.

Anyone can be ignornant once, but if they are ignorant again and again on these issues, they are either clueless about the overall picture and the consequences to their individual liberties, and are being played "like a Fiddle".  

Are you being "played like a Fiddle" - ask yourself this .. think about that. If i pulled one over on your court and was laughing about with my friends and called you a "useful idiot", would that make you upset? Would you feel "jaded"? You should.

America's sovereignty is being sold to the highest foreign bidders .. and you do nothing. Do you feel ashamed? You should. If you have any integrity at all, why don't you rectify yourself?  


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