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For Monday, Sept. 7, 2009

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Sep 07, 2009

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Obama speech is indoctrination

I took the time to call all of our congressional offices to register my intense opposition to President Barack Obama broadcasting a speech directly into our school classrooms tomorrow. Before I did that, I took the time to download and read the various "suggested discussions and activities" that pre-K through grade 12 could engage in after hearing the president's speech.

If the camel's nose gets in the tent, the hump will follow, and I'm sorry to say this Obama speech directly into our schools looks like a political indoctrination attempt and I won't tolerate it. Many may disagree, believing instead that Obama wants to engage with our young. I don't buy that. I already saw the White House Web site soliciting "fishy" stories about folks, which meant that they wanted us to e-mail if we thought our fellow citizens were engaging in activities that didn't fall in line with current Obama policies.

No, I'm sorry to say I'll be pulling my children out of class that day, and I'll spend time explaining the Bill of Rights, our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence to them on that day. Will my children ever be politically indoctrinated? Over my dead body!

Loren C. Divers

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