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Brown shirts here we go.  Let’s build the sympathies and get to the heart of our children who don’t hear most the real news and don’t understand just how misrepresenting Obama’s administration is.  President Obama plans to address the students in our schools all across the country on September 8th, 2009.   They will  hear his rallying, manipulative, sugary words and contrived promises of aid in the future and be awe inspired to serve and follow. This is unprecedented and reflects Obama’s desperation and manipulative style completely.  

Get a sea of emotional kids trained and behind Obama who are working on their parents with his half truths and lies.   Evolve and graduate them to community service and working for Obama so they can earn a pittance of college money down the road.  Of course, Obama will control what they are exposed to,  what they get paid in pay back work and manipulate their futures completely.  Ideally, these wonderfully indoctrinated and now loyal sea of children will be Obama’s brown shirts and turn in parents and friends who disagree with Obama and his plans.  Do you get it yet?

The white house web site where folks were encouraged to turn in their friends was turned off due to the outcry of most of us but now we will TURN ON the children and they will eventually do the turning in.  They will be loyal to Obama just as Jim Jones created and manipulated his victims.  He created loyalty to the death.  Jim was the deliverer, miracle worker, community service master and Messiah.  Obama wants to assume the position.  He will if we let him.  Remember how tyrants massage, create crises then rescue while demonizing the good guys.  This is their repeat cycle again and again!  It is happening as we speak.

Obama needs the children, will manipulate their needs, dreams and hopes and start training them to be community volunteers who answer to him. 

Keep your children home on Sept. 8th or demand from your teacher to see the speech in advance and warn and prepare your child before they are exposed to this sugary, lying rot from hell.  Process it before and after the speech.  Do not let their mind get sucked in.

Regarding the future of your children

Don’t even think about taking this administration’s help and loans for college in exchange for forced community service.  Plan way ahead for college on your own.  This kind of pitch and help will only end up abusing and controlling the mind of your child!  Do you happen to remember what has happened to our auto industry and banking sector once loans and help were given?  They are now owned and controlled whether they like it or not.  They will be told what to make how much to loan and folks will get hired and fired as Obama sees fit!

We have seen Obama go after media, radio and TV.  We know from Doug Hagmann and Judi McLoed’s fine investigative work that this administration has manipulated and threatened anyone in media who dares mention and cover the eligibility and birth certificate issue (you can listen to the archive of the show, August 7th where they broke their investigation 

We have seen the assault on private enterprise and takeovers.  We have seen Obama’s plans to take over and run health care.  We also see the ongoing and distortion pushing cap and trade and global warming mythology.  We are getting used to the over reaches and international apology tours while demonizing God fearing, tax paying patriots at home!  This latest push takes the cake however!  Now, this reprobate President wants to manipulate, lie to and control the minds and hearts of our children.  Well, he can kiss my grits and then some.  I’m keeping my kids home on the 8th!



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