We all know about the statements on Fox and Friends by Glenn Beck that have caused such a stir. And we know about the subsequent Glen Beck boycott that has taken place since then, the result of which is several sponsors switching time slots on Fox News. What is just starting to surface is a bit more sinister. It appears that the group Color of Change, founded by Van Jones an Obama czar may be behind the boycott.

Glenn Beck Boycott

Glenn Beck

Van Jones a self proclaimed communist who was appointed Green Jobs Czar in March is the founder of Color of Change. The group has applied pressure to Glenn Beck’s sponsors; it seems to have worked for the time being. Progressive Insurance, Geico, and Proctor and Gamble have all pulled ads from Glenn Becks time slot on the Fox News channel.

A Fox News spokesperson said the ads have only been moved, stating that no revenue has been lost in the Glenn Beck boycott by Color of Change. Color of Change says that it is using it’s over 600,000 members to petition Beck sponsors to pull ads. Could this have anything to do with Glenn Beck releasing information several weeks ago about the group’s founder Van Jones?

The left-wing nutroots have seemingly dealt a blow to Glenn Beck on this one; but just how far will a Glenn Beck boycott take them? RedState.com has tried to employ the tactic of a counter boycott here, giving info on the companies who are currently allowing the left to bully them into dropping Glenn Beck.

Newsmax is reporting that Executive Director of Color of Change James Rucker made it abundantly clear that their goal is to silence Glenn Beck, period. From Newsmax:

“It’s preposterous and absurd,” Rucker says of Beck’s opinion. “It’s insulting to black Americans; and it corrupts honest debate. Anyone who uses such a platform to spew such vitriol, whether Glenn Beck or anyone else, has no place on the air, and we at Color Of Change would use every resource available to us to remove corporate sponsorship from their platform.”

Do what you think is best, I’ve never been a proponent of boycotts; that’s more of a left-wing thing. If I like your product I’ll buy it, if not I won’t. If you feel so inclined drop a letter to these sponsors and tell them there may be a backlash due to the Glenn Beck boycott; if not attack it how you see fit. One way or another, the left-wing fascists need to know we won’t be bullied into silence.

The Glenn Beck boycott has been effective, but we need Glenn Beck’s voice; he speaks the truth. And truth is at a premium these days.

Glenn Beck Boycott

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