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August 30, 2009
The fear factor
When evil becomes good and good becomes evil
By Nanette Malher

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." — Isaiah 5:20

There's nothing that stops people from sticking to their convictions more than Fear. I capitalize the word "Fear" within this article, not because Fear should
There's nothing that stops people from sticking to their convictions more than Fear.
be given any authority, but because it has become the scary tool of choice that some Americans are using to force the rest of us to let go of what we truly believe in: God, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Left is trying to make us afraid to resist the socialist "changes they can believe in." They want to force us into silence — into an unfree America — under a dictatorial reign that pays lip service to American ideals while slowly destroying them.

Look at the short list of recent actions taken by (or on behalf of) our new leadership and ask yourself if you still live in a free America and if these actions are the result of good or evil:

  1. An April 7, 2009, a Homeland Security report labeled those who serve in the military and those who love God and adhere to Constitutional law as "right-wing extremists" — potential enemies of the United States.

  2. On April 15, 2009, a quarter of a million Americans attended Tea Parties, legally using American freedom of speech to voice opposition to big spending and big government. FBI agents secretly monitored the events, while the mainstream media — the new arm of government — ignored the Tea Parties almost completely. Where the events were covered, attendees were verbally ridiculed by pro-Obama reporters.

  3. Congress recently threatened to bring back the Fairness Doctrine that would have served to control the content of conservative broadcasters. Of course, the Left is good at acting like they get it when most Americans cry out against their un-American agendas. However, they just resubmit the very same plans with new labels because they think the public is stupid enough to swallow the next hook, line and sinker.

    White House spokesman Ben LaBolt stated in February of 2009 that "
    as the president stated during the campaign, he does not believe in the Fairness Doctrine." Even though it looks like the Fairness Doctrine is a non-issue, Democrats now want to give power to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to require political and religious broadcasts to be "balanced," city by city, and include content the government deems acceptable. (Does this sound vaguely familiar to you? It should. Read up on fascism and communism and you'll find great similarities between these ideologies and what our current progressive leaders are doing right now.) On August 18, 2009, Sen. Charles Grassley divulged that he is concerned that Mark Lloyd, the "diversity director" of the Obama team alleged a "structural imbalance" in political talk radio and suggested that the government be involved in regulating it.

  4. Concerning the relabeling of bad ideas: As of June, 2009, ACORN (Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now) changed its name to Community Organizers International in a laughable attempt to remove the corrupt stigma attached to the organization as more whistleblowers tell their stories. ACORN is being investigated for allegations of voter registration fraud during the 2008 presidential election in at least 14 states. Instead of doing the right thing and owning up to any wrongdoing, the organization is now threatening lawsuits against those who speak out against ACORN's corrupt practices.

  5. The ACLU, Americans Untied and The Military Religious Freedom Foundation are pushing to ban prayers in the name of Jesus by our military chaplains. Some chaplains are already being told that they cannot pray in Jesus' name. (Google "banning prayers in the name of Jesus" to read about the many incidences concerning this issue. You'll be shocked by what you find.)

There is no market for faith that has no faith in itself.
— Mark Steyn

I want to scream from the rooftops: "Where have all the Americans gone?!"

Some of us are giving up and giving in to those who would like to see all of Americans admit that our founding principles are "evil." In doing so, we are ignoring the real evil that is to come. Even though we don't believe the lies, we don't want to ruffle any feathers, or bring any attention to ourselves. We Fear the repercussions of having Faith as our Fear demeans the very meaning of the word. Silence is its own answer.

In his recent book titled America Alone, author
Mark Steyn writes, "There is no market for faith that has no faith in itself." Steyn believes that America is the final battleground between good and evil. We either defeat the evil nature of the world, as it masquerades as "good" and the savior of all, or it will defeat us. If America loses, the world loses. Steyn's words should be our battle cry to action. We must stop Fear in its tracks and put cowardice where it belongs. If we really want to save our lives, we need to have the faith of our forefathers and take action wherever we can in order to restore the true meaning of Good.

There are two types of Fear: Fear that is real and Fear that is imagined and/or created. Fear is an emotional response to threat or danger. It's a survival mechanism that kicks in when we feel pain or a threat of pain.

A person can experience:

  • Fear of losing status in one's own group of peers — not fitting in with the crowd because of differing views and/or convictions that go against the status quo.

  • Fear of losing one's possessions.

  • Fear of losing one's life.


Few in the media cared enough to investigate what Barack Obama really stood for during his presidential campaign. He gave few details concerning his plans, but he had a magical and almost unworldly way of sucking people into a dazed euphoria. He was going to be the first African-American president of the United States, and that possible reality become more important to a large number of Americans, and the world, than freedom itself.

If you disagreed with him or his followers on any issue you were labeled a racist. You weren't part of the new, enlightened crowd that was going to "change" America. In many cases, Fear tactics were used to force the change. I watched my television in shock and dismay while Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins was physically pushed and shoved at the Democratic National Convention by Obama supporters who shouted obscenities at the camera. On election day, I watched a live news feed show two African American men dressed as Black Panthers intimidate voters by patrolling the front door of a voting location in Philadelphia. One was brandishing a night stick and saying, "No more white supremacy." (After Obama was elected, his Justice Department
dropped the charges brought by the Bush administration against the men, even though 1960s civil rights lawyer Bartle Bull, who worked as a former campaign manager for Robert Kennedy, noted that it was the most blatant form of voter intimidation he had ever seen.)

It's quite ironic that a black man has decided to enslave an entire nation using Fear — taking it from freedom and capitalism that has served an entire world for over 200 years and forcing it into silence and socialism.


If you're afraid of losing your possessions — your expendable income, your job, or your home — you're not alone today. Married couples worry that they won't be able to pay the bills, let alone save enough for their children's education. Retirees do not believe they'll be able to continue to have any quality of life and pay their food and medical bills. College graduates wonder if they'll even find jobs. "Oh, but Obama is going to fix that for us." Government has decided to step in and change the American way of life overnight by giving away the personal farm and turning it into a collective one, because "that's only fair . . . rich people have stuff, so they should fork it over."

Of course, some Americans are truly wealthy and find ways to hide that wealth from the IRS (no matter what their political affiliation). But many of those who are perceived as being "rich" aren't wealthy at all. They've just worked hard, have made good choices, and they take care of what they earn. The problem with the "what's yours should be mine" mindset is that those who "have not" will eventually lose what they think they will gain after they've drained the "haves" dry . . . and then what? Even a first grader is able to understand that if you forcefully take all the goodies from the kid who is already willing to share, he'll eventually stop bringing any goodies to the table at all.


Under the guise of "fairness" and "equality" we are being oppressed by the intelligent elite, who do not want us to think for ourselves; they want to think for us.
The real Fear we should be focusing on involves something much bigger than status and possessions. If you take an irrational, illogical and emotional consensus mixed with mandated philanthropy, muzzled opinion and forced allegiance, you create a monster. I'm not imagining this Fear. It revolves around a statement of truth that affects all humanity in ways that too many Americans are ignoring at this point in time:

Today, I am losing my God-given freedom as an American.

Immediately, I'm afraid to write "God-given" because some Americans, those who seem to have the loudest voices, believe in the great Nothing. I'm not as fearful of any threat in the world as I am of the big one in my own back yard: the outright apathy of some of my neighbors, peers, fellow citizens and government representatives and their outright belief in Nothing. I'm watching the greatest and freest society in the history of the world crumble as our Constitution and our principles are dismantled under the guise of "fairness" and "equality." The majority of those now in control in Washington have helped engineer false belief systems that are gaining ground and causing a real threat to American society. As a free American:

Where I once was able to speak my mind, I am monitored and soon-to-be shut down.

Where I once was able to speak out against injustice, I am unpatriotic.

Where I once was able to say the word "God," I am shunned and considered stupid.

Under the guise of "fairness" and "equality" we are being oppressed by the intelligent elite, who do not want us to think for ourselves; they want to think for us. The hushed truth is that their idea of America will not — will NEVER — equal freedom.

True freedom helps me become successful, not dependent.
True freedom gives me many choices, not just the choices I am fed by government.

True freedom says that we are all created equally; it does not force one individual or group to pay for the self-inflicted lack of another.

True freedom helps me become successful, not dependent.

When government fails to respect the individual responsibility that real freedom allows, society begins to crack. Freedom does not guarantee prosperity, health or happiness. But it does guarantee all citizens the opportunity to speak their minds, be worthy of what they earn and give according to their own hearts. It is the responsibility of the individual — not government — to take care of oneself. We are all able to give so much more to help others in need when we are stable in our own lives and when we give out of a sense of love and caring, as opposed to forced duty and legal obligation.

The blatant truth is that most socialists will not give much of anything of their own free will, because they do not hold to standards that morally require them to think in such terms. They feel that nothing is actually required of them from a personal standpoint in life (because most do not believe in God), therefore the government should require it. In this mindset, they must "force" others to "give," which is not giving at all. It's outright taking. And the taking doesn't stop with money, as we now see.

As hard as it would be to face, losing money, possessions and shelter would pale in comparison to losing the freedom to say what we believe, and love and worship God as we choose, which is the very reason most of us choose to live. In fact, English citizens left their country a few centuries ago to get away from the very tyranny we now face. Today, if you believe in God — let me rephrase that — if you believe in the Judeo-Christian God of our forefathers, you may very well eventually lose your life to those who would argue that their belief in Nothing is mandatory, because in their minds, believing in Nothing gives "freedom to all." This secularist/socialist argument is permeating American society at an alarming rate. Today, Christians (and Jews alike) are being scoffed at and ridiculed in the United States of America as they have never been before.

The Decline and Fall of Christian America

In the April 13, 2009 edition of Newsweek, the cover story proclaims "
The Decline and Fall of Christian America." I have to admit, I saw the headline screaming at me from a coffee table and my immediate reaction was Fear . . .

"I'm a Christian. How can they get away with a cover story like that? Isn't this America? How could God let this happen?"

The article made me doubt my country, myself and my God. The Fear Factor began working as it started to take over my Faith.

It is true that the rank-and-file Christian tally has seen a decline. Small churches are closing their doors due to lack of membership. More Americans are on the side of secularism, because it gives them a warm and fuzzy feeling. Secularism is "more civilized" and "more humane" to those who believe in Nothing. An alarming number of Americans now place God at a lower level than themselves, including our president. It's pure narcissism. The Christian community has a big problem to overcome, but God did not let this happen. We let it happen, because we listened to the rhetoric of men above the word of God.

Prior to a an April, 2009 speech given at Georgetown University (a private, let me repeat — private Catholic institution), Obama ordered the covering up of a monogram that symbolizes the name of Jesus. This type of action does not signify "equality" and "fairness" to all. These actions are consistently and most certainly divisive, unjust and un-American. We, as Americans, and as Christians, continue to allow it to happen.

Contrary to the rhetoric of politically-correct revisionists, who call themselves historians, it is an absolute fact that God-fearing, God-loving people built this nation.
Contrary to the rhetoric of politically-correct revisionists, who call themselves historians, it is an absolute fact that God-fearing and God-loving people built this nation. Even the Newsweek writer has to believe it if he writes of Christian America's "decline and fall" — you can't fall from the bottom of the historical ladder if you were never on it in the first place. The tremendous influence of religious faith on government itself is overwhelmingly evident in the writings of our first leaders — on paper, on monuments and within our government buildings. One new multi-million dollar visitor center created by the Left in Washington, which is void of any reference to God, cannot change our true national history.

Unfortunately, these points are not being argued successfully today, because those who believe in Nothing have physically covered their ears and made up a history that suits them better. Their lives are void of God. Their true focus is not on the past; it is on the future, which will be totally void of you and your convictions if they succeed. They want you to Fear so that you will not stand up for what you believe. They want you to go quietly away. Until recently, their plan was working. But the Silent Majority is not being so silent anymore.

Newsweek may declare that those in America who define themselves as Christians, have dropped by 10 points to 76% in the last two decades, but that is still a majority. Christianity is not dead, and America is not in a "post-Christian" era . . . yet. We are identifying the Fear, until it is just . . . fear that can be overcome. We are understanding who and what is causing us to feel it, so we can take action that may ultimately save the Judeo-Christian ideals upon which this great country was built.

Steyn writes, "If ever there were a time for a strong voice from the heart of Christianity, this would be it."

Do not let fear stop you from taking action.

Fear knocked on the door. Faith answered, and there was no one there.
— Anonymous

  1. Pray harder than you've ever prayed in your life — alone and in groups.

  2. Write to your representatives and Congress — these people are supposed to stand for all Americans against issues that you know are un-American and just plain wrong.

  3. Join like-minded groups of family members and friends who believe in the America our forefathers believed in, and help those groups take actions that will make your voice so loud that it cannot be ignored.

  4. Talk to people who oppose what you believe; do it in love, but stand your ground in patience and steadfastness when they try to belittle your convictions. You live in America. You still have a right to free speech . . . for now.

Fear not what others think they can do to destroy your Faith in God, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Remember the words of Mark Steyn: "There is no market for faith that has no faith in itself." Evil will ultimately be defeated, no matter what it takes. God is in control, but that does not mean we are allowed to sit, watch and do nothing. Our mantra should be:

"Fear knocked on the door. Faith answered, and there was no one there." — anonymous

© Nanette Malher


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