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Ron Bloom, former United Steelworkers Union executive, car czar, named to oversee ALL of America’s manufacturing

Union Labor Head as Czar of All U. S. Industries? – INCREDIBLE !

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 By Jerry McConnell  Sunday, August 30, 2009

imageIs there anyone out there who needs any more proof that the usurper that sits illegally in the President’s chair in the Oval Office of the White House is, bit by bit, piece by piece, and day by day, in the process of totally destroying the democratic republic that once was the United States?

With 80 percent of the communications network of this country shut down, for all intents and purposes, regarding reports on anything that is not popular with that usurper, you might say that they are in his back pocket.  And for him, the usurper that is, if and when he reaches his goal of making America a pawn of the corrupt and dangerous United Nations he won’t have to declare the names of the totalitarian state run news and broadcast services as they will already be in place.

ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC are all completely in the bag for the socialist/communist, liberal Democrats, as directed by their Commissar of Finance, George Soros.  B. Hussein Obama will be the Grand Ruler of all World territories, but only in a figurehead role just as he is today here in the United States, where he is assigned to bring the country to its knees and place it in subservience to the United Nations.

The latest example of this rule of fear and suppression was announced on August 24, 2009 by the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation, Inc. that Ron Bloom, former United Steelworkers Union executive, who was appointed by Obama as his “car czar” some months ago, will soon be named to oversee ALL of America’s manufacturing.

Stacking the deck against American workers and consumers

How’s that for stacking the deck against American workers and consumers?  If you were nervous about corrupt and dangerous big union labor bosses running roughshod over the everyday workers and those of us who have to pay the freight for all manufactured materials in the past, you can quintuple your worries now that Obama has a bona fide, legitimate, illegitimate lackey to break knees and fingers of all non-complying workers in ALL places of manufacturing employment. Obama promised the suck-up unions that poured millions of dollars of workers dues into his campaign that he would repay them; and he did it brazenly and publicly.

This is just one more step to make complete the takeover of our country a fait accompli or in labor union thug language, ‘a dun deel’.

You might remember, that is if you are one of the country’s economy and financial stability aficionados, that it was the labor unions that caused the auto manufacturing industry to go to ruin with their strong-arm and brow-beating tactics.  Now Obama has determined that he would like those same people to do to ALL of our manufacturing capabilities what they did to autos.  And as “National Right To Work” says, with leadership like this it will only cripple our competitiveness in the world markets.

Naming the head of a large labor union as the Czar of all manufacturing businesses is like putting a person who cheats on his taxes in charge of all of our taxpayers’ dollars.  Oh… that’s right; Obama has already done that.  So I guess in his mind, this is no big deal.  Using that logic he will probably put a convicted rapist in charge of all women’s’ prisons.

Obama is getting to the point where he isn’t the least bit subtle anymore.  He was pretty good at hiding all of his communistic tendencies, but now, naming the people he chooses to rule over all phases of government and citizen control as CZARS, is about as inconspicuous as a freight train steaming through your bedroom at three o’clock in the morning.  However, that title which represented a barbaric stranglehold on the people if enslaved was finally eliminated when the people revolted against the tyranny of the czar in Russia in 1917.

Will the Russian Revolution be repeated right here in the United States to rid us of the tyrants who would enslave us?  The answer is imminent.

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Jerry McConnell is a longtime resident of planet earth with one half century on the seacoast of NH.  He is a community activist but promises not to run for President and he feeds ACORN’s to the squirrels.  He can be emailed at [email protected] with complaints or the editor at [email protected] with favorables.


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