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Lucas Smith's Video's On Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate; Disinformation By WND Debunked...

8/29/2009: Lucas Smith's Video's On Obama Birth Certificate; Disinformation By WND Debunked:

Lucas Smith debunks WND s disinformation that was put forth on August 25, 2009 by Jerome Corsi, Drew Zahn and Joseph Farah at World Net Daily. Here are the new video's from Lucas Smith. Many have been waiting for this. They are in three parts:

Part 1:

After viewing all the video's and listening to the explanations given by Mr. Smith, it seems there is a very strong case that the Kenyan Birth Certificate, of Barack Obama, is authentic and hard to deny. If this is the same BC being presented by Dr. Taitz at the September 8th hearing, it will prove most interesting how the Judge will handle this situation. If the motion is granted, it would spell the end of the Obama Administration-Embarrass all those skeptics-cause a Constitutional crises and finally put some in jail for Treason and the lesser offense of Fraud. Also all records that Obama has hidden will be demanded.

If and when this Kenyan BC is finally authenticated...imagine the massive fall out...The motion for elligibility on the 8th has an explosive companion going into Court...the Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate, a document that the Court cannot push aside as before. It exists, be it a fake or exists and must be examined and comapred to any other BC that might be on file and that is the other BC sitting in Hawaii. I do not envy Judge Carter.

Just learned that FOX news will be in the Courtroom on the 8th...
Mary Anne McKiernan talked to one of the producers from Fox news, he identified himself as Pier, he stated that they feel that Sept 8 hearing is important and newsworthy and they will be in the courtroom. Finally this will go National.


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