Lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009
by DefendUSx August 22, 2009 19:34

Obama's (alleged) Dr. James Ang'awa was also Doctor for the Kenyan Olympic Team

by DefendUSx August 23, 2009 00:16
Regarding the Doctor listed on the recent video of Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate (copy of actual certificate, not a live registration form). He has sinced passed away, but his Son decribes him in some detail on his photography website:  Full text when scrolling right reads:... [More]

Obama's (alleged) Dr. James Ang'awa's daughter is one of Kenya's Senior Justices

by DefendUSx August 23, 2009 00:28
Tagline of Father's influence appears under Education

Same information on both

by DefendUSx August 23, 2009 01:01
The location of the Father's birthplace, hospital Obama was born .. There is nothing that doesn't match with Orly's copy.  Orly has a "Certified copy of Registration of Birth" while the EBay seller has what looks or appearing to be a copy of the original (Certificate ... [More]

Barack Obama "Kenyan Birth Certificate?" - Enhanced Lucas Smith Video

by DefendUSx August 23, 2009 22:26
We captured the video of the supposed Kenyan birth certificate of Barack Obama first discussed in this thread on ATS. Since the original video was rotated and of difficult to read quality, we applied some enhancements to aid our members in a closer examination of this video. The enhancements inclu... [More]

Another match -Coast Provincial General Hospital Chief Administrator, Dr Heltan Maganga signature and stamp appear on the Lucas Smith alleged acquired copy of the Kenyan Birth Certificate

by DefendUSx August 24, 2009 00:30
The Doctor matched up .. worked for the hospital at the time in Kenya, and was even the Doctor for the Kenyan Olympic team. Now, Coast Provincial General Hospital chief administrator, Dr Heltan Maganga, appears in a Kenyan article and is quoted on June 18 with regard to a recent spreading of ... [More]


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