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Salon attempts to debunk Kenyan birth ceriticate twice, fails

Salon ran an article which is barely worth mentioning in an attempt to discredit the Obama Kenyan birth certificate, reported previously on this site. The first attempt, which was proven to be fabricated, was an alleged "South Australian" template that the Obama Kenyan birth certificate was designed from.

This was quickly debunked here.

Now, a more credible attempt has been released from the same source - Salon. But I believe this is also another fake as I will show.

Pic 1, as appeared on posting

Pic 2, as appeared on posting

Pic 3, as appeared on posting

At first glance, these look pretty convincing.

The first thing I did was open each JPEG file in Wordpad. Instantly, I noticed some differences between these three images and the Taitz website Jpeg.

Here is the header information in the "original".


The header in the other three are:


So right away, there is a potential problem.

Next, I noticed some differences, as I will point out. Remember, Kenya-BC is the "original".

In the above picture, you can see that the crease does not align properly. Compare the fold in relation to the letter P in Province. Also, just below the red circle, you can see that the fold passes between I and S of Registration instead of between the G and I.

Second. The smudge.

In the above picture, the smudge is funky. Also, the word "Maiden" looks like "Maieen". Why would the smudge have transferred over the fold? Doesn't the fold go the other direction?

Problems with crumples.

In this picture, you can see that the "You've been punk'd" message is not on the crumpled copy. The apostrophe in "You've" in the bottom image is not on the top image. Just remember this for the next picture.

Ok, so now it's uncrumpled. And they wrote the message on this paper. But the stroke of the marker pen went right over this tear. While it could have been torn after this was written, it seems unlikely.

This, to me, is the icing on the cake. The age's don't match on Obama's dad.

In this image, it's a little tough to discern. Does that say 25 and 26? So I took a closer look.

Click image above to enlarge.

Yep! Debunked!

Also of interest is that many claimed E.F. Lavender was a soap used in Kenya. However, that name has been identified as accurate here.

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