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Dukes: Obama's plan to waste money, destroy health care

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dr. William P. Dukes

The Best Health Care System in the world.

Obama wants us to believe that his motivation is to help the small number of Americans who do not have health insurance. Those who have no health insurance will receive better health care from almost any hospital than from having Obama Health Insurance. Our health care system is not perfect, but is still the best in the world. Obama wants to waste something like a trillion dollars to have a single provider. Very briefly, he wants to socialize medicine, to have total control over all health care and the lives of the elderly.

Socialized medicine has failed every time it is tried. Socialized medicine means, among other things, rationing, waiting for availability, all financial controls and the authority to deny treatment that is not considered cost effective, even though it may be a life or death decision. Control of the system, financial and medical decisions, will be made by politicians and bureaucrats. The medical doctor and patient will have no say in the medical treatment.

General promises are made to invite people to support a health care bill. Obama promised Congress and the entire world that his $787 billion stimulus bill would have no pork. The bill was everything but stimulus, and included billions of dollars to the massive voter fraud ACORN, and unions. Following passage of the bill and the payoffs, unemployment went up to 9.5 percent with an estimate that if nothing was done the unemployment rate would be about 8 percent.

A recent statement by Thomas Sowell (Reporter-News, July 29), fits Obama’s actions. “With race — as with campaign finance, transparency and the rest — Barack Obama knows what the public wants to hear and that is what he has said. But his policies as president have been the opposite of his rhetoric, with race as with other issues.”

Therefore, the public believes that Obama wants to destroy anything good our great country has to offer, such as the best health care system, the Constitution and the Supreme Court.

In addition, it has been reported that in the proposed health care plan, illegal aliens will get benefits.

The National Center For Public Policy Research offers:

1. Fifty percent (50 percent) of women in Britain and New Zealand diagnosed with breast cancer die from it. By contrast, about one-fifth of American women diagnosed with breast cancer die from it.

2. In England the system decided to halt knee and hip replacements for overweight people.

3. In Australia a man has been on a 90-day waiting period for two years to get surgery to fix his hands, shoulder and ankle crippled by rheumatoid arthritis.

4. In Canada patients have been denied life-saving medicines that are standard treatment in the United States.

Capitalism and Bush tax cuts.

Capitalism “incentivizes” everyone willing to work, accept responsibilities and take care of the family. Socialism takes from workers to support those who will not support themselves. Thomas Jefferson said, “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give it to those who would not.”

Obama has referred to the Bush tax cuts as a burden on the population. The tax cuts permit workers to keep more of what they earn, and with the small businesses to spend more and hire more workers. The tax increase causes unemployment. Socialism causes unemployment and causes businesses to release workers.

Supreme Court.

Obama does not like our Constitution and wants to destroy the Supreme Court. Obama is trying to destroy the effectiveness of the court with Sotomayor, who wants to break up the United States. Gary Kreep, director of the United States Justice Foundation, reports that “Sotomayor is part of the movement seeking to take over the entire southwestern United States, and make it part of Mexico. She was a member of La Raza, which is called a Latino KKK. Sotomayor was selected to destroy the Supreme Court.”

Our Country.

After the election, Obama said our country is no longer a Christian nation and is now a Muslim nation. Obama visits foreign countries and tells them how bad America is.

Please call your representatives and tell them how much you disagree with Obama’s attempt to destroy the best health care system and waste another trillion dollars.

Certification of Obama’s Kenya birth certificate could save our country, health care and avoid “Cap & Tax.”

Our country depends on you.

Dr. William P. Dukes is a professor of finance in the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University.

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