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Democrat have grabbed control of banking, investment houses, insurance companies, auto manufacturing and energy

Socialism vs. Health Care Reform





By JB Williams

Has anyone else noticed that the only proposal for “reforming” American health care is Obama’s Marxist government grab of 1/7th of the U.S. economy and the nationalization of yet another private American industry?



Democrat “reform” of auto manufacturing meant Government Motors and federal control of auto manufacturing. Democrat “reform” of energy means government control of energy. In six months of unbridled Democrat rule, they have grabbed control of banking, investment houses, insurance companies, auto manufacturing and energy.

Today’s “party of the people” is all about the federal power, not people power. Obama, Pelosi and Reid will allow NO other options on the table…

Democrats are selling the idea that “socialized medicine” is the official limited definition of “health reform.” Can anyone tell me which Washington DC genius decided that totalitarianism was a “progressive” idea? – or show me an example of success in the federal management of anything? They’ve yet to establish a single program that they didn’t immediately bankrupt!

It’s not hard to figure out why American citizens are increasingly opposed to ObamaCare, now that they have read Nancy Pelosi’s Heath Scare Plan that no member of congress was going to read. It’s hard to figure out what took them so long to react to federal failures.

Members of congress are right on this part. There’s no reason to waste time reading the bill when no matter how it passes or if it passes, they will enforce their Marxist will upon the angry masses, with or without any authority to do so.

Since the US Constitution is meaningless to these folks, why should Democrats bother to read the bills they are passing when they are just going to “interpret” those bills any way they want, whether the bill actually passes or not?

Any “reform” bill will be a “living breathing document” no more limited by text than the Constitution itself. What’s the point in reading it...?

What passes for “reform” in DC today, is blatant insanity. But since it is the work product of the Democratic Socialists of America, via their congressional committees, the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Congressional Black Caucus, and the political brainchild of Nancy “crazy as an out-house rat” Pelosi, I can’t say I’m shocked.

Seriously though, are we really going to limit our choices to “socialist reform” or “no reform” only? Secular socialist confiscation of 1/7th of our economy and the destruction of the best health care on earth – or – nothing at all?

Can’t we have a multiple choice discussion here?—Take a good look at what’s not broken and stop talking about fixing it, so that we can focus on only the few opportunities for improvement that do exist in our current health care system?

Why are we only being offered socialism as a choice? Anyone else find that a bit strange? Can anyone offer a single successful example of when the federal government really was the best solution to any problem?

We can guess why Obamanation wants to control 1/7th of the U.S. economy. Anyone care to take a stab at why they want federal control over “life and death” decisions for 300 million individual Americans?

This thing stinks to high heaven! On the heels of nationalized banking and auto manufacturing, we are supposed to believe that socialism is the most “progressive” idea for reforming a health care system that eighty-five percent of Americans are happy with?

As you can see, I have more questions than answers on this subject. But I seem to be the only American writer ready to ask the questions. Every lap-dog news room seems perfectly happy to accept socialized medicine as the only means to reform health care, without raising a single obvious question…

The lamestream press is following the pied piper of Marxism just like they followed his campaign for four years, without ever asking once what the mystery messiah meant by “change.” Even now that we can see what he meant by “change” the American press remains in a secular-socialist coma.

Are we really going to accept socialized medicine without discussing why it’s necessary, or even why it’s a better option than what he currently have?

Forget about a thousand pages worth of details. In this case, the devil isn’t in the details - it’s in the heavily flawed foundational premise that our government is good at running anything. The last hundred years of history have proven that our government is only good at running things into the ground. This is what we want for our health?

We are talking about moving 1/7th of the U.S. economy and individual health choices from the private sector to the public sector. We are debating replacing private health care with public health care. Where’s the evidence to suggest that our federal government is the most efficient and effective means of managing anything? 

Clearly, the people are not prepared for such a leap of faith

In fact, with each passing day, the “hope” they once had for pro-American “change” six months ago is fast becoming a “demand” for real “change” in the form of an increased unemployment rate, by roughly 546 jobs in Washington DC. No golden parachutes either… Tar and feathers instead!

Does the U.S. healthcare system have room for improvement? You bet!

But since when does the federal government - known as the most unsuccessful business management team on earth, complete with a horrific bedside manner - have the best idea we can come up with concerning matters of life and death?

No entity on earth has done a better job of bankrupting everything it touches. Why on earth would any sane American support the notion that these same scumbags should hold the power of life and death in their hands, while they continue to bankrupt the nation right before our eyes?

I usually try to offer some ideas or answers when I write a column, and not just rant about the obvious insanity. But in this case, I’m just completely baffled by the fact that the entire discussion over health care in America has been systematically limited to a full court press for Marxism, at a time when even the most ill-educated American can easily see that nobody in DC has any idea how to run a front-yard lemonade stand without bankrupting it before the weekend....

I’m just amazed that this discussion is even taking place

Who on earth can honestly argue the benefits of handing Health Care over to the same people known for their career criminal thuggery and inept fiscal insanity? Anyone willing to make such a silly suggestion should be summarily laughed right out of the room before they can finish the sentence.

I’m sorry, but this time, I just have to ask a lot of questions, because I sure don’t have any explanations for such absurdity.

The federal government has spent decades demonstrating that they cannot run a single program on budget or without pilfering and plundering the program into total bankruptcy. We know it so well that it’s a waste of ink to list all of the programs they have managed badly, at this late date.

Is there any other entity on earth that when they screw up, we increase their power and budget so that they can screw up even more?

No… This time, you’re going to have to provide the answers.... Why is this even a discussion? What is there to debate?

Here’s a crazy “right-wing” idea....

How about if we audit every federal program on its own merits and every time we find a program that has been run into the ground by career scumbags in Washington, we remove that program from federal authority and return the money and the authority to the states?

No state could do a worse job than the Fed has already done, except California maybe. And at least if some states screw up as badly as the Fed, it will only affect those states instead of the entire nation. Maybe even Californians can learn from their mistakes over time.

The Fed has had ample opportunity to prove itself capable of running things and it has failed miserably by any set of standards you care to apply, proving itself wholly incapable of even the simplest of tasks. No entity on earth has a better track record of complete failure and utter destruction.

In the real world, we fire people for such legendary poor performance… we don’t reward them with more power, authority and budgets to bust!

Can I get an Amen here!

Fact is – Democratic Socialists in congress and the White House have done this nation a great service over the last six months.

Their tyrannical leap into unrestrained Marxism has shocked a sleeping giant into action and the leftist rush to grab private industry after private industry put DC elitists on a collision course with average Americans who had been lethargically sliding down the slippery slope into totalitarianism for sixty years now.

Thanks to DC Marxists, the people are awake and engaged now! The people are standing up and speaking out! The Second American Revolution has begun!

If DC Marxists continue to ignore or downplay the velvet revolution taking place in town hall meetings across the nation, they will soon find themselves muzzle to muzzle with average American who have clearly lost all faith and trust in DC elitists and are fully prepared to take their country back, one way or another!

Can I get an Amen here!

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