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Forgers attempt to discredit Kenyan birth certificate as fake by using "high-end" graphics tool kit

by DefendUSx August 07, 2009 00:05

The thing that makes this most believable to me are the dates, no Father signature, and Ann being from "Witchita KS". Only someone with some deep knowledge about the Obama debacle would know enough to make those adjustments. Not only this, but my own research on what everything on the form means from English Common Law, including the "7S 6d" in the upper-left corner, which is British currency. 

So, i'm not ready to say it is a fake, and now the most recent pictures displayed on the Internet by the "forgers", in what i believe is an attempt to discredit this as a forgery, only gets me thinking the registered copy Orly has in her possession, is even more possibly the real-deal.  If i'm wrong, it would be the first time ; )

The graphics programs today are amazing, especially the "high-end" programs. They can take an image you cut out from another picture, and place that image onto any background (of a different image). From there, you can add other layers to the image -such as text overlay. You can literally make a whole "composite" of images, appear as one solid image, as if it were just one picture. You can "clone" backgrounds and have them "repeat" along a certain grid etc. Many people today don't understand this, or how it is possible, but it certainly is, welcome to the Age of Digital Forgery. 

Let's go through each image released by the forgers in attempt to discredit the Kenyan Certification of Live birth photo-copy Orly released the other day. Let me take you on a short tour for the "unbunking" of the most recent forger "debunking" of the certificate. Here is the first image released by the forgers:



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