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Orly is going to re-file Kenyan Birth Cert with Judge Carter

by DefendUSx August 06, 2009 17:55

Her orignal filing was "stricken from the court record", due to the following reasons:

The judge says the motion was improperly filed "for the following reasons:

  • Lacks proper notice;
  • improper form and format
  • Counsel failed to identify her Cal. State Bar No.
  • description of motion conflicts or differs from that which counsel entered on Court's e-docket

Re-filing evidence is a very common thing, for the reasons above among others. Orly should get a team of Lawyers together in order to go over the procedures for filing with this court. Bill Berg, too, has had to refile motions etc. time after time, as does Mario Apuzzo. It's become quite commonplace in the eligibility trials.

However, Obama should be required to show proof of citizenship by presenting an authentic vault copy of the birth certificate, because his Father was not a US citizen, as required by the Constitution for both parents of a natural-born citizen. For this reason alone, it is a "no-brainer" in that Obama needs to "man-up" and show some proof to the court and the American people on the whole.  

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