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Obama Birthers – Kenya Birth certificate may be real.

4 August 2009 28 Comments

It appears that the original alleged Kenya certified copy of live birth for Barack Obama was modified and hacked and infiltrated by Obama bots. Orly Taitz, the California lawyer, had originally obtained and posted a birth document from an anonymous source. Just hours or so after it’s release, many people started to point out weird or odd features of the document in trying to disprove it’s legitimacy. While it should be checked, and I do not know if it is in fact genuine, it appears that some of the assumptions about it were absolutely wrong. Here is a picture of the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT POSTED BY TAITZ BEFORE HER WEBSITE WAS HACKED.

For an enlarged version,
click here.

According to the free republic, some obama-loving hackers were able to hack Mrs. Orly Taitz website and modify the original document. They also hacked her main blog, located at the following address: – Do not go there as your computer could get infected.

In any event – people pointed out error’s in the birth document. Here were two of the main arguments:

1.) E.F. Lavender was the supposed signature of the district registrar on this birth document. It turns out that E.F. Lavender is a laundry detergent.

Answer: The original document says K.F. Lavender, NOT E.F. lavender. To view the original document in enlarged format, click here.

2.) The birth certificate # is 47,044 – representing Obama’s age(47), the number 0 = O, as in obama, and 44 would represent the fact that he is the ‘44th’ president.

Answer:This was planted and it is obvious by the 0 in the modified/hacked version. The real number, when examined closely and carefully on the original version – is actually 47,644.

Again, click here to see the enlarged version.

If you are unable to make out the details, I took the image with photoshop. I decreased the brightness, but enhanced the contrast features of the photograph. The purpose of this was to see the font better.
Check that version out here.

The main question that has yet to be resolved is: When did Kenya start referring to itself as a republic on hard paper documents? Many claim that it didn’t establish or declare it’s independence until 1964, although many argue that they were in the works for quite some time before and that they did not consider themselves a colony in 1964. This alleged certified copy of registration of birth show Obama’s Father as the one who is filing it, and list’s his location and or residence as Honolulu, Hawaii. Many claim Obama’s father was either 24, or 26 when he had Obama aka Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama. This debate is ongoing as we are not all to quite sure when Obama’s parents were born. Numerous reports seem to have conflicting conclusions. Obama’s family background seems to be sketchy, that is one thing I think we can all agree on.

I am very suspicious that this document is a fake but I am not ruling it out quite yet. After seeing the original one that the free republic posted, it makes me wonder why the Obama people were so quick in trying to repudiate a claim – so nervous, that they had to hack into the California lawyer’s website. They were so nervous about this Kenya Birth document – that they had to change the document with subtle jokes – just so it could appear as a fraud to many news outlets. Does this represent people who are sure of their leader, or people who are not so sure? Why would they have to do this? This shows a big time insecurity on part of many Obama supporters regarding this issue. Their racial fearmongering and insults toward people who question Obama’s legitimacy is mindblowing.

Orly Taitz will be presenting this birth document in front of numerous judges. It’ll be interesting to see how this continues plays out. Many people have done extensive research on this alleged Kenya certified copy of registered birth. We will continue to look into this at Obama Birthers . COM, so stay tuned for further developments. Again, it is very possible this document is a fake, but we will see as further research comes available.

Everyone needs to spread the word that the original document was tampered with. The one on taitz site is no good. The free republic website and my own website have legitimate views, so bring visitors here to see them.


The Obama Birthers are nothing more then people who care upholding the U.S. constitution. We understand that the founders made the rule of law for a reason and we wish to uphold and demand that the law be followed.

The  Obama Birther movement requests that Obama must produce documentation to show he is eligible. It isn’t that difficult of  a concept to grasp. It has nothing to do with racism or conspiracy theory.

The Obama website is now receiving close to 1,000 unique visitors a day. Many of these visitors are outraged with my website, but I will continue to press this issue on as long as Obama hides his records. To those who support my cause, thank you. To those who have been respectful opposition, thank you for being civil.

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