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Breaking News - Picture of Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate Placed on the Internet by Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.

We now have a picture of a paper document provided only on the internet by Obama saying he was born in Hawaii. And now we have a picture of a paper document on the internet provided from Kenya saying he was born in Kenya.

We have statements from people in Kenya, Obama's paternal grandmother saying he was born in Kenya and she held him in the hospital the day he was born in Mombasa, Kenya. And we have the Kenyan Ambassador to the U.S. acknowledging that it is common knowledge in Kenya since 2004 that Obama was born in Kenya.

On the other side we have no contemporaneous witnesses coming forth to verify that they were present and/or have first hand knowledge that Obama was born in Hawaii. The Hawaiian official say there is a "vital record" in their files saying his birth was "recorded" in Hawaii. Their statements are only as good as the veracity of those proffered vital records back in 1961 or whenever they were provided to the state of Hawaii. But with the extremely lax birth registration laws in Hawaii in 1961, Obama could very well have been "born in Kenya" and "had his birth registered in Hawaii" by the grandmother or mother using the simple mail-in birth registration form, with no 3rd party witnesses needed, which was permitted under the rules and regs in 1961. See attached report for more about how easy it was to falsely register a birth in Hawaii in 1961.

Two pictures on the internet. Which one is real? Or are both real docs but the underlying facts in Hawaii were based on false statements by the grandmother or mother in 1961 to obtained U.S. citizenship for her new born son, born in Kenya. We need a forensic investigation both in Hawaii and Kenya to determine the truth.

Here are the links to the pictures of the documents and the CIA Officer commissioned investigators report as to how easy it would be to falsely register back in 1961 that a child was born in Hawaii when the child was not born there and could have been born anywhere.

Picture on the Internet of Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate

Picture on the Internet of Obama's Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth

More details on the breaking news at WorldNetDaily

Hawaii official now will NOT say if Obama's online COLB doc image is genuine after duplicitous and carefully parsed prior pronouncements by other officials

We should have a decision date in our case this week, hopefully tomorrow. Things are going to get very interesting on this matter in August, imo. The Congress needs to convene an emergency session to do a full scale investigation of this matter in both the Senate and the House with full subpoena powers by both political parties and launch a full forensic investigation of all records in Hawaii and Kenya and in Great Britain, where duplicate copies of birth in the British Colonies were kept in 1961. They should take testimony before Congress of Obama himself under oath on this matter or get a sworn deposition done of him in the White House under oath, on this matter. Obama needs to speak personally on this and under oath. They should have done this in the Spring of 2008 when they investigated McCain. But for the sake of the country, the world, and our Constitution, they need to do it now ... and as they say, let the chips fall where they may!

Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
CDR USNR Retired
Lead Plaintiff
Kerchner v Obama & Congress

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