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Along with Millions of Americans, not willing to let their Constitution die without a good ole patriot's fight!

Why the Founding Fathers Were “Birthers”

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 By JB Williams  Saturday, August 1, 2009

The label of “birther” is fast becoming a noble badge of honor for millions of Americans who are not willing to let their Constitution die without a good ole patriot’s fight!

The leftist Obama propaganda press would love for you to believe that “birthers” are just a bunch of “crazy racists” that number in the hundreds, and that they have NO basis to demand proof of whom and what Barack Hussein Obama really is…

But the “birthers” actually number in the millions and the basis for their demands were set in stone by the men who wrote and ratified the US Constitution. If millions of American “birthers” are “right-wing nuts,” they are in good company with men like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams and Ben Franklin.

Obama has been running from his entire past all of his political life. His many minions in the press have been running interference every step of the way.

For the record, the following Obama records remain under lock and key, more than two years into public demands for Obama “transparency"… and Obama has spent a reported $1 Million in legal fees to keep them SEALED!

  • Obama’s official birth records -SEALED
  • His Occidental College records -SEALED
  • His Columbia College records -SEALED
  • His Harvard College records -SEALED
  • His College Thesis -SEALED
  • His Harvard Law Review articles -SEALED
  • His Indonesia Adoption records -SEALED
  • His Passport file -SEALED
  • His connection to countless foreign and domestic thugs -SEALED

Yet the American press, now to include Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly, insist that they somehow inherently know with absolute certainty, that Barack Hussein Obama was indeed born in Hawaii, a “natural born citizen,” not just “a citizen” or a “native citizen,” and that millions of Americans who think he should provide a minimum level of proof, are just “crazy” -"racists" or possibly even “potential domestic terrorists” as Obama’s Department of Homeland Security recently suggested.

Since ALL Obama records remain SEALED, what files did O’Reilly and others investigate in order to draw their absolute conclusion that Obama is legit and millions of Americans are nuts?

What’s all of the stink about?

US Law establishes that while there are several ways one can become a US citizen, there are actually only three different types of US Citizens with three very different sets of qualifications and citizen rights.

  • A US Citizen
  • A Native Born Citizen
  • A Natural Born Citizen

Today, we have to add one more category, the “illegal” US citizen. But that story is for another day.

A foreign born immigrant, who has successfully navigated the naturalization process, is a legal US citizen with all of the Constitutional rights afforded a US Citizen with the exception of one, the right to be President of the United States. As a matter of Constitutional case law, - 94 Whatever the term ‘’natural born’’ means, it no doubt does not include a person who is ‘’naturalized.’’

In this regard, the issue of Obama’s adoption by Indonesian citizen Lolo Soetoro is also of consequence, as Obama could only be a US citizen by way of “naturalization.” There is no record of Obama naturalizing as a U.S. citizen upon returning from Indonesia.

All of this is at the heart of the debate over where Barack Hussein Obama II was born. His family and friends say that he was born in Kenya. His political allies say that he was born in Hawaii, our fiftieth state. Obama has stated that he was born in Hawaii and he has presented as proof, THREE different Certifications of Live Birth (COLBs) [ NOT the same as a Certificate of Live Birth ] and he has named TWO different hospitals located in Hawaii, as his official place of birth.

But since he has refused to open up his official birth records in Hawaii, nobody knows for certain where Barack Hussein Obama II was born. Contrary to leftist attempts to spin, the mere fact that such a constitutional requirement exists implies that one must provide proof of compliance, if and when asked to do so.

NOTE: One can be a US citizen without being a “native citizen” or a “natural born citizen.” It must also be stated that Hawaii issued Certifications of Live Birth to foreign born non-citizens of the US as a regular practice.

If Barack Hussein Obama II was indeed born in Hawaii, and this can be verified by authenticating his official birth records alleged to exist in Hawaii, then he could be a “US Citizen” and maybe even a “Native Born Citizen” having been born on American soil. To date, no such evidence has been made available for purposes of authentication.

However, one can be both a “US citizen” and a “Native Born citizen” and still NOT be a “Natural Born Citizen.”

As an example, what are often referred to as “anchor babies” are both US citizens and Native Born citizens as a matter of federal law. But as a matter of the US Constitution, specifically Article II -Section I, they are NOT a “natural born citizen” as their parents were NOT citizens of the U.S.

NOTE: Barack Hussein Obama I, Obama’s legal birth father was NOT a US citizen. He was a British subject and a legal citizen of Kenya.

Under “natural law” at the foundation of the “natural born citizen” clause, a blood descendent will inherit by way of natural law, the fathers name and citizenship, no matter where they were born.

Until the election of Barack Hussein Obama, all Presidents since and including Martin Van Buren were born in the United States, a descendent of parents who were both US citizens.

Why the Founders were “Birthers”

It was the Founding Fathers who wrote and ratified, “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President;”

They based this clause on the following; “Congress, in which a number of Framers sat, provided in the Naturalization act of 1790 that ‘’the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond the sea, . . . shall be considered as natural born citizens. . . .’’ 96 This phrasing followed the literal terms of British statutes, beginning in 1350, under which persons born abroad, whose parents were both British subjects, would enjoy the same rights of inheritance as those born in England; beginning with laws in 1709 and 1731, these statutes expressly provided that such persons were natural-born subjects of the crown.”

So, had both of Obama’s parents been US citizens, he would indeed be a “natural born citizen” of the US, even if he had been born in Kenya. By way of “natural law,” he inherited the name and citizenship of his father, in Kenya, not the US.

As his father was not a US citizen, but rather a citizen of Kenya, Obama inherited by birthright, natural law, his fathers name and citizenship. He is NOT a “natural born citizen” of the US, no matter where he was born.

The Founders exempted themselves from the “natural born citizen” clause because at the time of ratification, there were no “natural born citizens,” - US citizens born to two parents who were both US citizens.

But from President Martin Van Buren on, US born descendents of two US citizens did exist and up until the election of Barack Hussein Obama, those who became president passed the “natural born citizen” requirement in the Constitution.

Clearly, the Founders were very serious “birthers.” But why were they “birthers?” What were they so worried about?

Dual or Divided Loyalties

The president of the United States has unfettered access to ALL national security information. He is afforded powers unlike any other individual on earth. His finger rests on the Red button and his office is respected and revered around the globe. He is the international representative of every American citizen.

Such an office cannot be held by one with even the potential for dual or divided loyalties. The international pressure to act upon global interests instead of American interests is immense. Only one with completely undivided loyalties can be trusted. He MUST be a “natural born citizen” as the Constitution requires.

Above all else, the Founding Father’s feared a despotic central government that would one day turn its abusive power on its people. They went to great pains to design a Representative Republic limited in scope and power by constitutional text that would best secure the people against such an event, including Article II -Section I, intended to keep leaders with foreign loyalties from ever holding the broadest power on earth.

Then, they told us to alter or abolish any government that became a threat to Life, Liberty or the pursuit of Happiness.

They were “extremists...” They didn’t trust central power and they sure didn’t trust that power in the hands of someone with dual or divided loyalties.

Why the “Birther” Movement is EXPLODING!

Demonstrated by plummeting approval ratings only six months into office, the American people have seen enough of Obama’s “global” agenda, at odds with American interest, and what was once “hope” for “change” six months ago, has become fear, anger and discontent. Obama took office six months ago with a +28 point strong approval rating. Six months later, Obama finds himself at a -12 point approval rating, an unprecedented 40 point swing!

The Obama administration has named more unelected Czars in six months than pre-Soviet Russia named in its thousand year existence. They have forced industries into bankruptcy only to emerge the property of the federal government. They are ramming Marxist laws through a leftist congress so fast that members of congress don’t even have time to read them before they pass.

Members of congress are now afraid to hold town meetings for fear of being attacked by angry constituents who have had enough of watching DC elitists run roughshod over the other side of the aisle, the states and the American people. (http://news.yahoo.com/s/politico/20090731/pl_politico/25646)

There are TWO reasons why the “birther” movement is EXPLODING instead of going away, despite daily attacks and name calling from the lamestream press.

  • The Constitution, including Article II -Section I either stands or it doesn’t.
  • The people are watching the utter hourly destruction of their nation in Washington DC and they need a peaceful way to end that destruction legally, before things become violent.


    The flaw in the left’s plan to change the Unites States into a secular socialist One World Order is they have foolishly underestimated the desire for freedom and liberty in the hearts and minds of most Americans.

    They have miscalculated… The 22.4% of the population who voted for Marxism in the last two election cycles thought that they won the right to shove Marxism down the throats of every American. They are horrifically mistaken…

    By launching a heavy handed all-out assault on individual freedom and liberty from every possible front at breakneck speed, they have sent the nation into shock and dismay. Even many, who foolishly voted for the mystery messiah last November, are now jumping ship after watching him make a mockery of the US Constitution and the principles and values that made America the greatest free nation ever known to mankind.

    The people need to right the ship and remove every anti-American fraud from the halls of the federal government before things get really ugly. Afraid to confront their constituents, law-makers are running for cover. When representatives stop listening to the people they work for, the people will stop talking and start acting!

    If Obama is a “constitutional” president, he is going to have to prove it and fast. If not, he is going to have to leave the people’s White House, in handcuffs if need be! The issue will not go away. The Constitution stands or all bets are off!

    Every member of his administration and his party who had knowledge of, participated in or provided cover for the greatest hoax every perpetrated on the American people, must step down with him.

    The people will have to figure out what to do next, but one thing is certain, - this “silent coup” will not stand much longer. The walls are closing in and Obama & Co. are trapped in their own massive web of deceit.

    People do NOT spend a million dollars to hide something
    that there is no reason to hide.

    The inescapable reality is this… - We have an unconstitutional resident of the White House and a whole lot of people working around the clock to keep him in office, for God only knows what purpose.

    Although 22.4% of Americans don’t seem to care about that, millions of American “birthers” do, as did the Founding Fathers.

    Sooner or later, Obama is going to have to prove that he is legitimate. The longer it takes for him to come forward and do so, the more dangerous the situation will become, as citizens grow increasingly angry over the utter destruction of their country.

    The truth exists in Obama’s official birth, adoption, college and passport records. Nobody hides the truth unless the truth will expose a lie…

    Even Obama’s political allies had better start calling for the truth and fast, or they will sink with him! The Founders had it right and on that basis alone, so do the “birthers.”

    We’re keeping a list of all who have chosen badly…

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