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 La Prensa, Honduras

Washington a Key 'Villain' in Crisis Facing Honduras

 "Barack Obama, as well as Hillary Clinton and [U.S. Ambassador to Honduras] Hugo Llorens, have, as the gringos would say, 'dropped the ball,' or translated into Spanish, 'put their foot in it.'

By Gloria Leticia Pineda

                                           Translated By Halszka Czarnocka

July 24, 2009

 Honduras - La Prensa - Original Article (Spanish)

The current crisis in Honduras has revealed the best and worst of our society. Let's begin with the latter. And I don't here refer to [ousted President] Manuel Zelaya, since history has already judged him and his henchmen who, in the name of the people, squandered the public coffers.

We have several villains who have tried to operate below the radar, which is why I cannot allow myself to let their movements and statements go unnoticed. Let's begin with the representatives of the U.S. government. Barack Obama, as well as Hillary Clinton and [U.S. Ambassador to Honduras] Hugo Llorens, have, as the gringos would say, "dropped the ball," or translated into Spanish, "put their foot in it [metido la pata]" in regard to their policy on the institutional crisis in Honduras. I can accept their questioning the way we removed Zelaya from Honduras (although, as we've stated in past articles, this was perhaps the only option we had to avoid a social and public security breakdown).


 But I cannot abide how, ignoring our legal foundations, they have worked to isolate us within the international community. I consider abusive the efforts of Llorens, who, in clear violation of our Constitution and in complete disregard of our right to self-determination, proceeded to make appointments and visit various business groups in Honduras in order to threaten and get them to desist from their opposition to the return of Zelaya, insinuating all sorts of consequences. I was wrong about Llorens. When he first came to present his credentials and was humiliated by Zelaya, I thought he was a reasonable man. But now I find that his intentions don't have as a goal the overall interests of our people and relations between two countries which have distinguished themselves by being historically natural allies.

I think Llorens's diplomatic career will be very much affected by his clumsy handling of this crisis and his lack of forcefulness in curtailing Zelaya's malicious and continuing pretensions. Today he cut U.S. aid to our nation, but didn't have the “balls” to denounce the assault on our precarious finances by the previous administration [the Zelaya Administration].

Let us mention another villain in sheep's clothing: Nobel Peace Prize winner Óscar Arias. I'm highlighting his Nobel because it calls attention to his glaring deficiencies as a mediator of frank and constructive negotiations. Given the clear limitations of these negotiations, as clearly expressed in the obstinate language of his proposal, I searched the Internet (Wikipedia) for the criteria and merits that are evaluated in awarding the Nobel Peace Prize. According to my source, this is the most controversial of all the Nobel Prizes as it has been criticized for allowing very little time to pass before the events that prompted support for the nominated individual - and often show a clear political bias on the part of Nobel evaluation committee members. Because of this, winners don't necessarily have the support of history in terms of a demonstration that their actions have brought clear and lasting benefits to the cause of world peace. How could Arias, in his capacity as a mediator, placed on top of the agenda for his peace proposal, the restitution of Manuel Zelaya, if that is precisely the cause of the conflict? Moreover, how dare a Nobel Peace Prize laureate publicly insinuate a civil war?

 Ousted Honduras' President Manuel Zelaya in El Salvador,

after his plane was not permitted to land in Honduras.


    I can't leave out of this lineup of villainy the leaders of the Teachers' Union, who, embracing a cause very much removed from that of education, have left schoolrooms to march in the streets, many wearing masks on their faces. This is exactly the attitude that has created the conditions that have led to today's social decay. It is time that teachers of true vocation take charge of our educational institutions to save the country.   


 I have left for the end a word about our brave compatriots. They are so numerous that I will certainly fail to mention them all. I'll also leave out, and not for lack of merit, the central figures in the change of government, since they've already been clearly identified. I prefer to focus on those modest and courageous members of the Micheletti Cabinet, whom I won't name so as not to leave anyone out. They have all taken on the patriotic responsibility of discharging their obligations, eliminating the abuses of the previous administration and undertaking their portfolios in the face of all kinds of deficiencies, particularly in regard to international assistance. Neither can I forget those teachers who have defied the threats of their leaders and taught their classes - often in the shade of a tree.  


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